Genshin Impact – Best Childe Builds Guide (5-Star / Hydro)

Childe: DPS Build



  • 1. Polar Star (5✩)
  • 2. Thundering Pulse (5✩)*
  • ~= Aqua Simulacra (5✩)
  • 3. Skyward Harp (5✩)
  • 4. Amos’ Bow (5✩)
  • 5. Viridescent Hunt (4✩)*
  • 6. Blackcliff Warbow (4✩)*
  • 7. Mouun’s Moon (4✩)
  • ~= Prototype Crescent (4✩)*
  • 8. Rust (4✩)
  • ~= Hamayumi (4✩)
  • ~= The Stringless (4✩)*
  • 9. Slingshot (3✩)


  • 1. Heart of Depth (4)
  • 2. Heart of Depth (2) +18% ATK set (2)*
  • 3. Noblesse Oblige (2) / Heart of Depth (2) / +18% ATK set (2) [Choose Two]
  • 4. Shimenawa’s Reminiscence (4)*

Artifact Stats

Main Stats

  • Sands – ATK%
  • Goblet – Hydro DMG
  • Circlet – Crit Rate / DMG


  • 1. Crit Rate / DMG
  • 2. ATK%
  • 3. Elemental Mastery
  • 4. Energy Recharge
  • 5. Flat ATK

Talent Priority

  • 1. Skill
  • 2. Burst
  • 3. Normal Attack

Ability Tips

  • Optimal skill duration for [C0]: 7s, 9s or 12s.
  • Optimal skill duration for [C1]: 9s, 11s or 14s.

Melee Burst: Only to be used in situations where you need only 1 rotation to clear as the ER requirement to maintain burst uptime is quite high (170-190%), you’ll always want to start your rotations with Ranged Burst since it refunds energy to maintain your rotation well.

Skill Combo:

  • 2 NA + 1 CA (Optimal)
  • 3 NA + 1 CA (Recommended)
  • 5 NA + 1 CA (Recommended combo if using Rust or Thundering Pulse)

*NA = Normal Attack, CA = Charged Attack

The Optimal combo provides more damage but consumes more stamina. Recommended combo provides slightly less damage but is more stamina efficient.

Gameplay Tips

The Weapon Rankings here are under the assumption that Childe is used with Bennett and Vaporises his Burst, aswell as using the optimal attack combos listed in the Ability Tips section.

Regarding Weapon Choices:

  • Polar Star: Has varied performance depending on how many passive stacks you get. Getting 2-3 stacks at the start of your rotation can perform better than Thundering Pulse while getting no stacks can perform worse than Skyward Harp. This only applies if you are Vaporising Childe Burst together with Bennett. In teams without Bennett, Polar Star will always perform better than the other options. 3 stacks can be achieved by doing Skill + 1 Normal + 1 Charged Attack before setting up your Vaporise Burst. If your Skill is still on cooldown, a fully Charged Aimed shot against a riptide affected target, OR a Ranged Normal + quick Aimed shot gives 2 stacks (which can be followed by Skill for the 3rd stack).
  • Thundering Pulse: Slightly better than Skyward Harp depending on rotations – the more time you spend doing Normal Attacks, the more it pulls ahead over Skyward Harp, but it’s not recommended to extend your Childe’s melee rotation for this.
  • Viridescent Hunt: Offers a valuable passive that helps a lot in grouping enemies, which can offer a ton of damage from Riptide.
  • Blackcliff Warbow: Due to inconsistency of gaining stacks, falls off compared to other weapons at higher refinements.
  • Prototype Crescent: Requires you to trigger its passive by hitting the enemy’s weak points, falls off if compared with other options without the passive triggered.
  • The Stringless: Main DPS Childe should only use this weapon inteams where you are Vaporising your Burst, as the Elemental Mastery substat loses a lot of value in other teams. If Childe is being used as a Nuke Support only for his Vaporised Burst damage, R5 Stringless will rank just below Thundering Pulse. Note that the stringless elemental skill passive does not affect Childe’s melee stance auto attacks.

Regarding Artifact Sets:

  • Heart of Depth (2) +18% ATK set (2): This set is only about 1-2 substats behind Heart of Depth (4), you can opt out for this set instead if you already have decent pieces.
  • Shimenawa’s Reminiscence (4): Due to this set requiring Childe to have around 140% Energy Recharge to reliably burst every rotation, it falls behind the other options. However, it outperforms Heart of Depth (4) if used in a single rotation setting (ignoring ER).

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