Genshin Impact – Best Diona Builds Guide (4-Star / Cryo)

Diona: Support Build



  • 1. Sacrificial Bow (4✩)
  • 2. Favonius Warbow (4✩)
  • 3. Elegy for the End (5✩)
  • 4. Recurve Bow (3✩)*


  • 1. Noblesse Oblige (4)
  • 2. Emblem of Severed Fates (2) Tenacity of the Millelith (2)
  • 3. Maiden’s Beloved (2) Tenacity of the Millelith (2)
  • 4. Maiden’s Beloved (4)
  • 5. Maiden’s Beloved (2) +20% ER set (2)
  • 6. The Exile (4)
  • 7. Instructor (4)

Artifact Stats

Main Stats

  • Sands – Energy Recharge / HP%
  • Goblet – HP%
  • Circlet – HP% / Healing Bonus


  • 1. HP%
  • 2. Energy Recharge
  • 3. Flat HP

Talent Priority

  • 1. Burst = Skill*

Ability Tips

Diona’s Elemental Skill grants you a cryo shield which allows cleansing. Every time you swap characters with the shield up, it applies cryo. This acts as a cleanse.

Gameplay Tips

The shielding Diona puts out should offset the need for healing from her burst. The damage boost from Noblesse Oblige (4) has more practical use. Additionally, her first constellation greatly increases her ultimate uptime, further lowering the healing needed.

As a support, Diona’s typically used for three things; Shielding, Healing, and Cryo particle generation. Pairing Diona with Cryo carries such as Ganyu and Eula allows you to funnel energy into your DPS characters while providing them with quick shields for stagger resistance. Weapons such as Sacrificial Bow and Favonius Warbow greatly increase her potential as a battery.

Regarding Weapon Choices:

  • Sacrificial Bow: Prefered over Favonious especially at higher refinements due to having better Shield uptime.
  • Favonius Warbow: You will look to build some Crit Rate coverage to have a higher chance of triggering bow passive for energy.
  • Recurve Bow: This bow will be your best choice for stronger shields, but it reduces Diona’s burst uptime significantly due to no Energy Recharge on her weapon.

Regarding Artifact Sets:

  • Noblesse Oblige (4): This set provides an atk buff while also increasing burst damage – this set is usually used with healers because you want to use damage sets on other support units such as Xingqiu or Beidou.
  • Emblem of Severed Fate (2) Tenacity of the Milellith (2): Provides both ER and HP which are both valuable for a support diona, increasing ult uptime and healing strength respectively.

Regarding Main Stats Priority:

  • Full Stack HP% is recommended if you want stronger shields but a weaker heal. You can use Healing Bonus Circlet if you want a nice balance between the two.

Regarding Talent Priority:

  • Prioritise whichever your Diona is geared for (shielder or healer), if built for a balance between the two, level both equally.

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