Genshin Impact – Best Xiao Builds Guide (5-Star / Anemo)

Xiao: DPS Build



  • 1. Primordial Jade Winged-Spear (5✩)
  • 2. Staff of Homa (5✩)
  • 3. Vortex Vanquisher (5✩)
  • ~= Calamity Queller (5✩)*
  • 4. Deathmatch (4✩)
  • 5. Lithic Spear (2 stacks) (4✩)
  • 6. Blackcliff Pole (4✩)
  • 7. Engulfing Lightning (5✩)
  • 8. Skyward Spine (5✩)
  • 9. Favonius Lance (4✩)
  • 10. White Tassel (3✩)
  • 11. Halberd (3✩)


  • 1. Vermillion Hereafter (4)
  • 2. Viridescent Venerer (2) / +18% ATK Set (2) / +18% ATK set (2) [Choose Two]*

Artifact Stats

Main Stats

  • Sands – ATK%
  • Goblet – Anemo DMG / ATK%*
  • Circlet – Crit DMG / Crit Rate


  • 1. Crit Rate / DMG
  • 2. ATK%
  • 3. Energy Recharge
  • 4. Elemental Mastery
  • 5. Flat ATK

Talent Priority

  • 1. Normal Attack
  • 2. Burst
  • 3. Skill

Ability Tips

Regarding Xiao’s Optimal Skill Rotation:

  • Skill -> Skill -> Burst -> Plunge Combo

Regarding Xiao’s Plunge Combo

Best combo for Xiao when fighting a single target:

  • Plunge -> Normal Attack -> Charged Attack -> Plunge

Best combo for Xiao when fighting multiple enemies:

  • Plunge -> Normal Attack -> Plunge

Gameplay Tips

Xiao has issues with Energy regeneration because he cannot generate any particles with his Elemental Skill while his Burst is active, so it is not suggested to use his Elemental Skill during Elemental Burst.

Start off a fight by casting the skill of your Anemo Battery and then casting his skill twice then cast your burst immediately. You will want to be half way through your burst animation before the particles reach you, so this way you can start off your burst with a portion of the energy gauge already filled.

You’ll want to pair Xiao with another Anemo character (Venti, Sucrose, Jean or Anemo Traveler) to help him gain energy while his Elemental Burst is on cooldown. Xiao’s Elemental Burst ends when you swap to another character. Although he has two charges of his Elemental Skill, only ONE charge comes back per cooldown.

Regarding Weapon Choices: With a proper anemo battery (e.g. Sucrose), Xiao needs as little as 120-130% ER to maintain a high burst uptime. In these scenarios, unless there are no ER from substats, you should always go for a non-ER weapon as it will result in more damage.

Calamity Queller: This weapon has a really high Base ATK, which means you benefit more from ATK% buffs (e.g. Thrilling Tales of the Dragon Slayers) if compared with other weapons.

Regarding Artifact Sets: Prioritize Viridescent Venerer over the other 2 +18% ATK sets if there are external ATK% buff sources on your team.

Regarding Artifact Main Stats: Anemo DMG% goblets are recommended for Xiao. ATK% goblets serve as a good alternative for him.

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