Genshin Impact – Best Yae Miko Builds Guide (5-Star / Electro)

Yae Miko: Off-Field DPS Build



  • 1. Kagura’s Verity (5✩)
  • 2. Skyward Atlas (5✩)
  • 3. Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds (5✩)
  • 4. Solar Pearl (4✩)
  • 5. Oathsworn Eye (4✩) [R5]
  • ~= The Widsith (4✩)*
  • 6. Hakushin Ring (4✩)*
  • 7. Mappa Mare (4✩)


  • 1. Emblem of Severed Fate (4)*
  • ~= +18% ATK set (2) / Thundering Fury (2) / Emblem of Severed Fate (2)* [Choose Two]
  • 2. Thundersoother (4)*
  • 3. Tenacity of the Milelith (4)*

Artifact Stats

Main Stats

  • Sands – Energy Recharge / ATK%
  • Goblet – Electro DMG
  • Circlet – Crit Rate / DMG


  • 1. Crit Rate / DMG
  • 2. ATK%
  • 3. Energy Recharge
  • 4. Elemental Mastery
  • 5. Flat ATK

Talent Priority

  • 1. Skill
  • 2. Burst*

Ability Tips

Start your rotations with Yae’s Elemental Skill to amplify her Elemental Burst damage.

Burst combo:

  • – Skill > Skill > Skill > Burst > Skill > Skill > Skill

Take note that none of Yae Miko’s abilities snapshot.

Gameplay Tips

Regarding Weapon Choices:

  • Solar Pearl: This weapon benefits a lot from refines and attack buffs like Bennett. [R5] Solar Pearl without buffs, or a low refine Solar Pearl with Bennett buff can perform similar to Skyward Atlas. Note that you should do a Normal Attack when you swap in and before you swap out of Yae Miko to keep good uptime on the passive.
  • The Widsith: Despite Yae’s A4 bonus, the EM buff is bad. Over many rotations Widsith will be worse than equal refinement Solar Pearl regardless of buff, and can be worse than Oathsworn if you only get the EM buff. If you are trying for one rotation speedruns and are willing to reset till you get the DMG% or ATK buff, this weapon ranks much higher and can outperform the 5 stars. Otherwise, it is recommended to use the other options above Widsith for more consistent damage.
  • Hakushin Ring: This weapon’s passive can buff your other team members, which may be more beneficial than Yae Miko’s personal damage depending on the team and rotation used. Note that the passive cannot be triggered when off-field.

Regarding Artifact Choices:

  • Emblem of Severed Fate (4): This set works best for Yae in multi-target scenarios where her Elemental Burst hits multiple enemies. This set also provides more value if she’s used WITHOUT Raiden (due to the higher ER requirements).
  • +18% ATK set (2) / Thundering Fury (2) / Emblem of Severed Fate (2): Using a combination of these artifact sets works best for Yae in single-target scenarios. These also provide more value if she’s paired WITH Raiden (due to lower ER requirements).
  • Thundersoother (4): Assuming you are able to maintain 100% uptime on its passive, this is Yae’s BiS set. This set works best for Yae in Electro-charged teams.
  • Tenacity of the Milelith (4): This set trades off a portion of Yae’s damage in return for a party wide 20 ATK% buff. If you have good pieces as a result of farming Pale Flame (for Eula or otherwise) this can be a good option for her. Not recommended to specifically farm this set for Yae.

Regarding Talent Priority: Do note that Yae’s Elemental Burst does more damage than her Elemental Skill when it hits multiple enemies.

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