Genshin Impact – Detailed KokoQueen Guide from a Kokomi Main 

Detailed KokoQueen Guide

This time I’m bringing my ultimate F2P, starter-player-friendly guide to a very well-usable Sangonomiya Kokomi guide. We shall discuss when should you pull for her if her signature weapon is worth it, and what the hell is with the -100% Crit Rate.

Sangonomiya Kokomi is mostly known as a Healer in the community. Many people don’t like her playstyle because she has a built-in (non-changeable) -100% crit rate, which essentially means she cannot crit. However, here are some tips and tricks for your Kokomi build, without grinding to get her crit rate above 0.

Weapon Choices

  • Everlasting Moonglow: this is her signature weapon, should you decide to pull for it this increases Kokomi’s worth as a main DPS. However, in most team comps, she is not the main dmg dealer. Hence why, although it is one of the best weapons for her, you should not pull for it (unless you really want to). Base ATK: 608, and the HP% sub-stat is 49.6%. This weapon gives your Kokomi a 10% healing bonus and increases her NA based on her HP. You will find, nothing is that simple, and she has better options for F2P or starter players.
  • Prototype Amber: this is a well-known F2P-friendly weapon (4-star, craftable) with a good base ATK (510) and an HP% sub stat (41.3%). It has a ‘so-so’ passive (which is why R1 is OK to use), you don’t have to worry about the refinements at first. This weapon will help your team generate HP when used and gives a boost to her Burst. Why is this important? Kokomi’s Burst cannot be cut off. If you break her Burst to (for instance) put down her Jellyfish (a.k.a. skill), then the burst ends right away. I will go into detail on her kit a bit later. So check that out for a full explanation.
  • Thrilling Tales R5: This is a 3-star weapon, which doesn’t mean it’s useless! It very much has its time and place to be used. Having said all that, it has a “meh” base ATK (401). It is another HP% (35.2%) sub-stat weapon, however, so it can help with your Kokomi. The reason I say it’s a double-edged sword is because its passive has nothing to do with healing, it’s a team-buff weapon. So if you don’t mind the lower base ATK and the fact, that you’ll need a Healing Bonus circlet, this can be a good budget option for your Kokomi.
  • Skyward Atlas: definitely one of the copium weapons (meaning it is only useful when nothing better is there). Because it has an ATK% sub-stat (33.1%), you’ll need to work extra hard on your artifacts and overall, Kokomi’s HP and healing bonus. But the passive will carry her elemental DMG. The weapon has a high base ATK (674, love that for Kokomi).
  • Dodoco Tales R5: this is a 4-star weapon, don’t worry if you haven’t heard about it yet, this weapon is not starter-player friendly. This is a weapon from the first Summer Event, which is why not many people have this weapon. I’m still going to mention it as an option though because it is F2P-friendly. Very cost-efficient. It has an OK base ATK (454) with a good passive (NA increases CA and vice versa). However, because it is an ATK% sub-stat weapon (55.1%), you will need to follow through a more complex building to compensate (probably a 2-2 HP% artifact and a Healing Bonus circlet). But, as I’ve mentioned before, I will talk about these things in detail when we get to the artifacts.
  • Oathsworn Eye R5: Kokomi’s 4-star weapon, or so we thought when it came out. Again, this was an event-exclusive weapon, so please don’t feel bad if you don’t have it. It has a base ATK of 565, which is amazing for Kokomi. But it is an ATK% sub-stat weapon (27.6%), the only upside of this weapon is its passive, which will increase your ER% as you use your skill.

Artifact Choices

  • Tenacity of the Millelith: It can be used both as a 2-piece and as a 4-piece on her. The 2-piece is the obvious part, it grants your character +20% HP. But why does it work on her, even though she isn’t a shielder? Kokomi can’t benefit from the shield bonus, but she can and will benefit from the ATK bonus, as will her whole team. This, however, only works if her elemental skill (the jellyfish) hits an opponent. So be sure to use her Skill not just as a healing circle, but as a way to attack.
  • Ocean-Hued Clam: It can be used both as a 2-piece and as a 4-piece set. Any Genshin player would tell you this is Kokomi’s “original” artifact set, albeit it may not be the best. The 2-piece set will increase your healing bonus by 15%. Meanwhile, the 4-piece set will ensure that the “extra healing” will put out damage (“90% of the accumulated healing” to be precise). The max amount of healing this Sea-Dyed Foam will absorb is up to 30,000 HP. But every 3.5 seconds one of these can be generated (however, you can only use up one at a time!). The best part of the 4-piece set is that your character doesn’t have to be on-field to activate this passive.
  • Maiden Beloved: It can be used both as a 2-piece and as a 4-piece set. Originally, when the game came out, this was the only healer set available. Unlike the Ocean-Hued C., this 2-piece set will increase the effectiveness of said healing by 15%. In this case what gives you a healing bonus is actually the 4-piece set, which increases the healing received by party members when your character uses either their skill or their burst.
  • Heart of Depth: It can be used both as a 2-piece and as a 4-piece set. The 2-piece set is an obvious Hydro DMG bonus (+15%). This can be used on non-DPS Kokomi builds as well. However, do not use the 4-piece set if your Kokomi is not a fully built main DPS, she will not benefit from it. A healer Kokomi or a multi-build Kokomi doesn’t need extra focus on her ATK, instead requires HP% and a healing bonus. So now onto what we can use for a main DPS: this 4-piece set promises us +30% DMG on both NA and CA, once her elemental skill is used.
  • Vourukasha’s Glow 2-piece: for Kokomi the extra 20% HP is more than enough. And it also leaves room for another bonus effect using another 2-piece set. Does Kokomi benefit from the 4-piece at all? Yes and no. It is hard for her to benefit from the Skill and Burst bonuses when it is at the stake of taking damage. Kokomi won’t necessarily take damage, or you won’t necessarily want her to take damage. This passive is more effective on characters like Xiao or Hu Tao, two characters who you want to constantly have low HP, but high DMG output.
  • Nymph’s Dream 2-piece: This will grant you +15% Hydro DMG bonus. You don’t need the 4-piece, Kokomi does not benefit from it compared to other sets on this list, so it doesn’t worth the farming.
  • Adventurer: No, I did not forget about my Starter players. Here are my two favorite options for her, one of which is the Adveturer set. This 2-piece set will increase your max HP by 1000. And Kokomi needs as much HP as she can get.
  • Traveling Doctor: The other 2-piece can be this very set, as it increases the incoming healing by 20%.

As a rule of thumb, when you are a starter player, you gain nothing from farming artifacts and you’ll make do with whatever you can get your hands on. So the best of these are the two +18% ATK pieces (Brave Heart and Resolution of Sojourner). The Exile set be it 2 or 4 pieces. Both can be beneficial as it grants you extra ER% and energy particles for the party. You can also equip the Martial Artist and the Gambler sets (2 or 4 pieces). These will also increase Kokomi’s ATK output, but you don’t really have a handy free artifact set in the early game for Kokomi. That is to say, you cannot equip her with anything that will give her crit rate bonus. It’s a waste to do that.

Gameplay Tips

I have already mentioned some of this earlier, but Kokomi has a -100% crit rate. Which makes it impossible to crit with her. So what you wanna do is avoid Crit Rate pieces like the plague. Do I need to get her Elemental Mastery up? Yes and no. It is not a necessity, Kokomi’s build does not require you to have a high amount of EM, but it is definitely not lost on her if you have some.

What do I want to level up as her talents?

First, elemental skill. The so-called jellyfish (“Bake-Kurage”) heals any party member within that circle, as well as deals Hydro DMG to any enemy in said circle. This healing is based on Kokomi’s max HP, which is why you want her HP to be at least 30k. Don’t be content with anything below that. But don’t go too crazy and build a Zhongli out of her with 50k+ HP. She works very well with around 35k HP, and you’ll still have resources to upgrade her base Hydro DMG and Healing Bonus.

Go for her Burst second. Mostly because you use this second in her rotation: this will increase Kokomi’s NA, CA, and the ATK of the jellyfish. Meanwhile, it will heal all party members with each hit. Again, both her ATK and her healing come from her total HP. Let’s say Kokomi has 30k HP, only the Skill ATK will then be 5610 (at level 10), and that is not the only damage you will put out. It’s added to her NA, CA, and the attack of her Skill.

You leave her Normal Attack for last. In your rotations, you will notice that Kokomi won’t be your most often-played character, and becomes more of a healer/sub-DPS, so her normal ATK will only be used during her Burst. This is why you must level up her NA, but you have no obligations to max out this talent.

Another reason to use her Skill first is one of her passives (“Tamakushi Casket”), which refreshes the jellyfish’s duration once you hit Burst. Her other passive (“Song of Pearls”) on the other hand will grant your Burst’s ‘Ceremonial Garment’ to NA and CA bonus based on her HP, as well as a +15% of healing bonus.

Kokomi has two original passives: one that lets you consume less stamina during swimming (also a cool trick is that during her Burst you can walk/run on water) and two in exchange for her -100% crit rate, you’ll gain a 25% healing bonus. And that is the basics you’ll work with.

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