Genshin Impact – Pirates! Argh! Achievement Guide

How to Get Pirates! Argh! Achievement

This quest series is tricky as it is made out of 3 parts, but they don’t necessarely show up in sequence.

So, if you feel like you have repeated this commission a billion times, there might one that hasn’t showed up. Don’t give up!

The Quest illustrated is just one of them, but i will also write at the end of the page the other 2 quests to compile them all together.

Go to Liyue Harbor to Meng, Fei and Lulu.

Lulu will ask you to play and you can answer: “Ahoy, me hearties!”.

This one quest is assigned by Lulu in particular and regards the play pretend with a “Rich Merchant”.

Once you start talking, you will have to pick the option of Stealing their Mora. They will instead ask you to pick Lotus Heads for them.

When you bring them the Lotus Heads, this is what they will say.

You are all done!

Other Quests Steps to get the achievement (the quests seem to be random order):

Quest from Little Meng:

  • Talk to Lulu, Meng and Fei
  • Talk to the pretend “Captain” Little Meng
  • Use Anemo or Hydro to clean the ship deck
  • Talk to Little Meng

Quest from Little Mei:

  • Talk to Lulu, Fei, and Meng
  • Talk to the pretend “First Mate” Little Fei
  • Find the pretend “Captain” together with Fei
  • Talk to the “Captain” Little Meng
  • Find Lotus Heads
  • Calm down Little Meng and Little Fei

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