Ghost Song – Easiest Way to Farm Nano Cells

This guide is for the lazy people who don’t want to fihgt big enemies or lots of them, and probably use a macro of some sort to keep doing what I will be describing below!

How to Farm Nano Cells

Method #1 (Junk-Pit)


  • Five Fingers
  • Nano Boost


  • Main Blaster, nothing really extra required (Must have at least some relatively effective GunPower Stats)


  • Junk-Pit


  1. Stand in the Oil Puddle (Picture below).
  2. Keep using your main blaster to shoot robots that spawn in (Infinite).
  3. Profit! (Might be a bit slow, but keep it running for a while and come back to big nano cell gains.

Where exactly?

(On Map)


Nano cells allow you to purchase extra modules from different vendors (Refrain from mentioning here to avoid spoilers).

It is also not easy to come buy (in Original Difficulty, at least). This way you can farm some big chunk of them, buy whatever you need and proceed to have fun and get those secret rooms in the map!

FYI: This is not for beginners, as in, people who just started the game. You need at least Junk-Pit discovered to do this method.


Either keep holding attack button yourself, or setup a macro that does it for you.


  1. An alternate, far less efficient, but possibly more entertaining way to automate farming the proposed location:
    – find Mabec
    – buy “Dolly” from the Mabec’s shop
    – equip Dolly as your “melee” weapon
    – go to the proposed location and stand in the water facing the shore
    – ?
    – Stonks!

  2. I think the spot in the guide is better because the pool they chose isn’t limited to only 2 robots spawned in at a time. The small delays in new robots spawning from hitting the limit are small, but I bet they add up.

    I’m using joy2key for my macro. I assigned the X key to the POV up(d-pad up) button. I set it to 10 times per second and toggleable. I just get near the pool, push up on the d-pad, then ease myself into the pool to get them to start spawning. Then I hop out and push up again when I’m ready to stop.

  3. Actually in the very first liquid puddle after the transition from huttle drop to junkpit, if you stand on the left edge of the puddle the zombie robots can not spawn on you, from there you can automate the farming process bei either setting dolly to work, or by using keyboard control facing the puddle and laying a small lead weight on the firing key (you need enough gunpower to kill them in 1-3 shots for this even in constant overheat) this method with the nanogel module and boostet luck stat reps roughly 30-35 thousand per hour.

    • i think yes. Dispensing, I saw that, but for the sake of convenience it doesn’t feel fast to keep running back and forth. Also, slimes keep jumping and they are not infinite spawn up there.

  4. Might be me but I feel like the area above the first fast travel is the quickest. It’s a narrow hallway with a bunch of slimes. They’re easy to kill and they next you roughly about 150 for about 15-30 seconds worth of work if you have the upgrade for nanocells. And you don’t have to go save to reset them, just leave the room and they’re back.

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