Ghost Watchers – 100% Full Achievement Guide

Explanation about every single achievement with images, videos, little walkthrough and some extra info of how to earn it.

How to Obtain All Achievements

I wanna go home!

  • Escape in less than 5 minutes after the start.

Choose which map you want to play. After loading in the bus, there will be 1 button with an icon on the bus itself and the text “Drive away”.

Initially it will glow up in red, but around 2-3 minutes after the game has been loaded, it will glow in green.

To pass the achievement, you just need to press the button when it lights up in green. At the end, it will leave message that you left.

The Priest

  • Walk with a crucifixion in hands for more than 5 minutes.

For this again choose any map you would like to play.After loading inside the bus you can get your crucifix and hold it for 5 mins.

This achievement should come naturally just by playing the game, but make sure to not stand in one place while you hold it.

All assembled

  • Play a full-party game.

You must join a lobby and start a game.

To do that simply click “connect to lobby” it will show you every single lobby and how many players are online.

You can either make a private one and invite your friends with lobby code or click on connect at the lobby’s that are created.

Inside the lobby wait for the group to be full and the host to select map and difficulty.

Upon loading inside the bus you should get your achievement.

It’s time for school

  • Catch a Child.

You must catch ghost called The Child.

Since the game is brand new and there are only few ghosts, the only evidence for baby footprints is the Child.

And the only temperature that stays normal all the time stays for him as well.

And EMF sensor must be 3.

To get this achievement you must catch him.

Dark vision

  • Win without using a flashlight.

You must finish game where you catch a Ghost without using Flashlight or powerfull flashlight.

Uv flash does not count as a flashlight,feel free to use it for Evidence.


  • Stay in the van for more than 10 minutes.

To earn this achievement simply start a game and stay inside the Van for 10 minutes.

I wanna jump!

  • Press the space bar 20 times.

Another simple and fast Achievement, press the space bar 20 times.

Professional Exorcist

  • Catch 5 different ghosts.

To earn this Achievement you just have to play more games until you get few Different type of ghost.

Currently we have 8.

Some of them require higher level.

So if you are higher leaver it means that you have higher chance of meeting different type of ghost such as Vampire, Demon or Jiangshi.


  • Catch a Demon.

You must catch ghost called Demon.

Since there are only few ghosts, the only evidence for demon is EMF sensor that shows Red3. Also you need Thermometer that shows 45 to 55 degree and no Footprints.

To face this ghost you must have minimum level 3 or higher.


  • Run with a torch in hand for 5 minutes straight.

Just like The Priest with crucifix but this time you must hold “Holy fire” and move around the building for 5 minutes.


  • Throw the catcher into the river.

The only map that have river at this moment is the abandoned house.

Select the map on any difficulty.Once the game loads pick up the Ghost Catcher and move behind the bus.

There should be a boat and lake behind it.To earn the Achievement just throw the catcher at the lake.


  • Save up 10,000.

You can see how much money you have upon starting the game,next to the region and your profile with current level or once you start the game and select shop.

The best way for me to farm money was to speedrun the games.Picking hardest difficulty and most importantly doing objectives.

I would recommend going for abandoned house since the map is very small and there are allot of task that you can do very fast.

I usually do some of them before to start hunting like open all doors or light up few candles.

Full Achievement Video Walkthrough

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