Ghost Watchers – How to Identify a Ghost Type Fast

Some tricks that beginners may not know.

Identify the Ghost Type

When the game starts, bring the following things

  1. Flashlight (if necessary)
  2. UV flashlight
  3. Lighter


  1. EMF
  2. UV flashlight
  3. Lighter

or if you have a friend

  1. Holy Fire
  2. UV flashlight
  3. Lighter

Get into the building and do these things. If the main quest is completed, you will have some clues about the ghost.

Light up 3 candles

If the quest is completed: the ghost can be Vampire, Demon, or Gallows.

  1. Use your UV flashlight. If you see a footprint, the ghost is Vampire.
  2. If you can’t see the footprint, get back to your friends.
  • Either high EMF (> 3) or high temperature = the ghost is Demon.
  • Either low EMF or low temperature = the ghost is Gallows (Also, only Demon can open doors and light up candles).

Turn on 5 lights

If the quest is completed: the ghost can be Child or Darkness.

Use your UV flashlight. If you see a footprint, the ghost is Child.

At this point, only Poltergeist, Jiangshi, and Drowned are left. You can do it two paths depending on the situation. If it is possible, please keep Holy Fire with you. Holy fire can protect you from these three ghosts. Importantly, if the ghost is Jiangshi and tries to attack you. You can immediately complete the first main quest by throwing Holy Fire at him.

Path 1 Solo

Turn on 5 water taps

If the quest is completed: the ghost is Drowned

Open all doors

If the quest is completed: the ghost is Poltergeist

Path 2 Use your friends

Ask your friends to look at the EMF. If the signal can be higher than 3, the ghost can be either Drowned and Poltergeist. Then, turn on 5 water taps or see if the temperature can be lower than -5. If so, the ghost is Drowned.

Some tips that may help your gameplay:

  1. You can thrown the objects while being caught. If you are not confident with your aim, feel free to get caught.
  2. In insane mode, when the ghost starts hunting, drop your flashlight on the floor and stand in its ray. Drop other items except the item that can actually protect you and crouch!. If the ghost forces you to drop the item, crouching will cause the item to drop just in front of you. You can easily pick it up and play insane mode like easy mode.
  3. In insane mode, leave a flashlight in or near the place where you are normally dragged into. It will help you and your friends navigate. One free UV and one normal flashlight are enough.

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