Ghost Watchers – How to Play

Beginners Guide

Ghost Watchers is totally about haunting evil spirits. The process of haut consists of 3 stages:

  • Determine the special properties of the ghost.
  • Perform the right weakening ritual.
  • Catch a ghost using special trap.

Special ghost properties: Type, Age and Mood. Each property can be determined using special tools.

How to Catch a Ghost

You need to complete all the tasks from the weakening list in the correct order. If you have done 3 tasks correctly, but the 4th one is wrong, you do not need to start from the beginning.

At a normal level of difficulty, you can understand that the correct action has been done by the message that appears at the top of the screen and the special sound. On hard and insane – only by the special sound.

If you have done all the actions correctly, then the ghost will walk around the house in a visible state. Throw the catcher at the ghost.


To collect evidence and read hints, use <TAB>. You will see a pad, in the left part of which you need to indicate the collected evidence. In the right part you need to select the correct properties of the ghost. The selected evidence from the left part will help to select the propreties in the right part. There are two buttons at the bottom of the pad:

  • Encyclopedia. This section contains descriptions of all the ghosts and tools.
  • Weakening the ghost. This section provides a list of actions to weaken the ghost. In the right part there is a hint on the action of the tools on the selected type of ghost.

Each correct action to weaken the ghost will be accompanied by the sound of a gong and a hint (at an normal difficulty level). If you perform actions in the correct sequence, but do not see these effects – most likely, you made a mistake with the properties of the ghost. Check it again!

There are also some additional quests that gives you coins. Coins can be immediately spent on the purchase of tools. Purchased tools are not transferred to the next session.


We recommend you to start from the normal difficulty. You may see hints on this difficulty.

On the hard difficulty:

  • You lose your tools when the ghost takes you away
  • The ghost can lock the front door at the moment of attack

On the insane difficulty:

  • The ghost can break electric tools in your hands
  • Ghost can attack hunters outside the house
  • Many items have got only one charge

Types of protective itemsThe ones that need to be thrown:

  • Different types of salt
  • Different types of bombs
  • Holy water
  • Holy fire

The ones that need to be put on the floor:

  • Plasma Absorber
  • Withering Light

The ones you need to hold in your hands:

  • Cross
  • Christ
  • Incense

Gameplay After Death

After death, you do not completely leave the game, but remain as a spirit. You can interact with doors, switches, valves and candles.

You are able to communicate with alive players in this way or scare your friends!

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