Ghostwire: Tokyo – Spiders Thread: 30 Floors with no Damage Guide

This is a basic guide to obtaining 30 floors with no damage and other useful tips.

Basics and Prep

The new Spiders Thread DLC is a rogue-lite mode which consists of endless arenas or “floors” which are essentially mini sections from the map in the main game and DLC. Each floor contains either parkour (no enemies), enemies to battle (or ignore if you wish) and various collectables such as spirits, relics, cats, etc.

Once you complete a floor, you move to the next one and this will continue until you die, at which point you start all over again. The floors are all randomised, meaning that no two runs will get the same levels. However, the exception to this is that the layout, enemy position, collectables and parkour aspects will all remain the same. Further to this, every 3 levels you will encounter a “boss” which could be one of the main bosses from the base game or just a bunch of enemies which spawn in 2 or more waves. The boss levels every 3 floors will ALWAYS be the same for every run and get harder as you progress. For example, the first boss level is on floor 3 and consists of 6 enemies in two waves. The same 6 enemies will appear in the same order for every single 3rd floor fight. The 6th floor will be the same, the 9th, the 12th and so on and so on.

You start the Spiders Thread with no skills other than basic. The mode has a new currency which you can collect (the same as the coins from the main base game essentially) and you will use these coins to upgrade over 100 skills as you progress. This is very easy to come by and you can obtain currency on every floor, some more than others and there are also additional bonus levels which literally just contain coins.

There are several new skills as well as several new Talismans and Beads (one bead will be essential to you completing the run with no damage all 30 floors). After each 3rd floor boss fight, you will return to a central hub which contains 3 “shops”. One shop will allow you to upgrade your beads and sell the newly added “spirit threads” which will need to be collected and/or sold to buy yourself some new beads or to upgrade your existing beads. Most floors will have 1 spirit thread and after each boss floor (3rd floor), you have a high chance to pick up a free new bead (which is randomised) at the central hub. If you don’t want to keep the new bead(S), sell them before you start your next 3 floors.

The other two shops sell talismans, food, drinks etc. And one contains the 88 jobs which you need to complete. Each job gives you a reward such as keeping 1% of your total currency upon death or after a death, starting with 1 extra arrow. It is ESSENTIAL to keep a stack of Updraft Talismans. These will not only allow you to jump skip entire floors on some levels, but also get you out of trick situations. They are also needed to get some of the trickier cats and collectables.

It is essential to not horde your cash or beads you don’t want. If you die, you lose most, if not all of it. You will keep all spirit threads upon death as well as any beads you have bought from the shop (including your upgraded ones. You will also keep all your skills. Once you buy a bead,upgrade a bead, buy a skill or upgrade a skill, they remain permanent after death. Everything else is lost. So with that in mind. it is best to buy or upgrade your skills and beads before starting any new floor run.

The ultimate bead to obtain is the new Iron Beads. These will allow you to one shot every enemy (excluding one which rarely appears – Infernal Kuchisake, scissor lady in black. She is immune to all damage but she only appears on one specific floor and she is easily avoidable) and will put each boss into their weakened state to extract their exposed cores. Even the last official boss on floor 30 can be killed in just two hits but you need to be quick with grabbing their exposed cores.

The caveat to iron beads is it will mean you also only take one hit to die and that includes accidentally stepping on the toxic surfaces. However, as you will need to complete 30 floors without taking any damage to be able to complete all the 88 jobs required for the 100% achievement run. To unlock Iron Beads, you will need to reach skill level 50 AND have collected 40 spirit threads. I suggest you start hoarding spirit threads and selling any unwanted beads as soon as you can.

In addition to Iron Beads, it is worth buying and upgrading Feather Beads and Fleetfoot Beads to run alongside the Iron Beads. These will make traversal much easier and faster as they speed up movement and reduce gravity making you float further. I would also buy and upgrade your Spirit Beads and equip them when you hear the sound of a cat at the start of any level. They will help you locate the cats easily and the cats will most likely be the last, longest and most annoying thing getting you to that 100%. They are random and you could go a whole 30 floors without seeing a single one! It was the last thing I needed, long after doing all other jobs.

And that’s it. prioritise getting spirit threads on each floor until you have enough for the iron beads. Get to level 50, unlock the beads and away you go!

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