Ghostwire: Tokyo – Spongy Mouse / Acceleration / Deceleration (Fix)

How to Fix Mouse Acceleration

Altering the camera acceleration and deceleration is being suggested by some posters, but that only applies to a gamepad controller, as it says in the info at the base when you have those options selected.

An old Unreal Engine tip works to improve mouse input.

Go to the following folder by copying and pasting this into Windows Explorer’s address bar or winkey+r to open a run dialog, it is a single line path that is wrapped.

  • %userprofile%\Saved Games\TangoGameworks\GhostWire Tokyo (STEAM)\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor

Open input.ini with a plain text editor such as notepad.exe.

Add the following three lines at the bottom, save it, and start the game (if Steam asks you about cloud data the first start after this change you will need to tell it to use the local data or the change would be overwritten by the older file from the cloud).


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