Girls Overboard – Every Girl’s Favorite Color Guide

List of Every Girl’s Favorite Colors


It’s just what it says it is. I’ve figured out every girl’s favorite color so you don’t have to and can woo them as fast as possible. If that is your goal, don’t forget the Sugar Daddy achievement. Then again, you can keep giving the girls gifts even after you’ve reached max level with them, so if you just want to get to the sexy sexy fun times as quickly as possible, proceed.

The List

Without further adieu, how to get the girl of your dreams by giving her what she wants.

  • Lisa = Red
  • Emerelda = Green.
  • Claudia = Orange.
  • Ami = Yellow.
  • Coraleen = Blue.
  • Octavia = Purple.
  • Miya = No preference for color that I could discern.


  1. Thanks for the time saver! I tested rings on Miya myself and it looks like Yellow is her color. Seems Ami takes more after her mother than she cares to admit lol

  2. True, she doesn’t really have much difference in what she is saying so that can be confusing. How I know is that I made a ring of each color and gave them to her one by one and looked at the numbers. While all the other colors got 3 points with her the yellow ring got 6

  3. Yellow is indeed her colour. She gets double affection from yellow. Rings of yellow give her 6, rings of every other colour gives her 3.

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