Global Pandemic – Definitive Crafting Guide

To survive in Global Pandemic, you will need to craft new or replacement items.

Comprehensive Guide to Crafting

Crafting is similar to building, except certain craftable items (like a Saw) will appear in your inventory, whilst others (for example the Campfire Stove) will placed in the game world. Controls for placing these in-game items are the same as with Building.

The same as Building, to craft an item you need certain things in your inventory, like a Hunting Knife. Where you have enough, numbers are green. Where you are lacking the necessary ingredients, numbers are red.

The Workbench

Certain items need a Workbench.

To use a workbench you need to be standing beside it.

If you are close enough the “1” (that you need) will be green for the workbench. If not, it will be red.

Workbenches can be found in the world, or you can craft your own.

Blacksmith’s Forge

You use a The Blacksmith’s Forge, by using it’s inventory.

Add raw metal and mineral ores to turn them into ingots.

You can then use those ingots to build and craft.

The Forge needs to have a burning fire to turn ore into ingots.

Add material to burn into the Forge’s inventory, and with a match in your inventory, you can light the fire.

Wood Chopper

The Wood Chopper is used specifically to chop logs into Firewood.

This is the best fuel to keep a Camp Fire burning.

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