Global Pandemic – Definitive Electricity Guide (Generators and Fuse Boxes)

Guide to Electricity


Lights (and anything that uses electricity, like the Saw Mill) can be powered by a generator.

Generators need fuel (Jerry Cans) to operate. Drop Fuel into the generator (press “Tab” when pointing at it), close your journal, point at the generator and press “E” to switch it on and off.

When running you will see the light is on, on top of the generator, and it makes a gentle hum. When the fuel runs out, it will switch off. Fuel is slowly used up with the generator is running.

The area of effect that works, with the generator in the middle, can be seen by pointing at it and pressing “Tab” (so you can see the contents of the generator) and clicking on the “Show Effective Radius” button.

You can pick up and move the generator with “F” (and rotate it with “Q” and “R”).

If a light (or something that uses electricity) is within the effective radius, and the generator is running, you can point at the light and press “E” to switch it on/off.

Try not to use generators when not needed, as you will use Fuel up that you could otherwise store for when really needed.

Fuse Boxes

Fuse boxes will complete an electric circuit and activate lights, doors, and so on.

To get a fuse box working, you will need to find a Fuse, and put the Fuse in to the Fuse box’s inventory. It will then automatically activate.

When a fuse has been added, it will show in the fuse box, and the fuse box lights will switch on. You will also hear a gentle hum when near the fuse box.

What is then activated will vary. Sometimes lights will come on. Sometimes doors that have an electric lock will be unlocked, so they can be opened.

Locked doors will have a circuit box beside them. When the fuse box has a fuse, and the circuit is activated, a green light will show.

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