Global Pandemic – PC Controls (Keyboard Shortcuts)

Here you can find list of PC controls for the Global Pandemic game.

Global Pandemic Keyboard Shortcuts

Moving around the game world uses the most common game keys of W, A, S and D, with Space to Jump.

After those keys, the most common key you will use is “Tab” to open your journal. What you use the Journal for is covered in the Journal section below.

However, for Controls, with the Journal open you can quickly go to “Settings” by pressing “S” (or using the tab to the right of the journal, or using “A” and “D” to turn the pages).

From Settings, you can click on “Controls” to see the various default keys in the game. Click on a key and you can change it to another (perhaps if you are left handed).

You will see more controls on screen when relevant to what you are doing. For example, when you are building, crafting or driving.

The default keys are:

In the game, you can change controls by clicking on the current key and hitting a new one.

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