Global Pandemic – Ultimate Building Guide

Guide to Building

You can, of course, use the buildings that already exist in game to make your camp, defenses, and so on. However, you can also build some structures of your own.


In your journal, go to the page with the yellow tab with the house on it. Click on the tab, or use “A” and “D” to turn pages, or use the arrows to the left and right of your journal.

Each building item is shown, together with what you need to have in your inventory to be able to build it. Red numbers indicate that you do not have enough of that item, green numbers mean that you do.

When you are ready to build an item, click on the “Build” button and a ghost-like representation of what you are building will be in front of you.

Placing and Snapping

If what your are building is the first one, or not near an existing building item, it can be placed anywhere. Use “Q” and “R” to rotate the item. If you are pointing at an existing building item, your new item will snap to it, making building an easy process.

Click to place your item. See the other options for placing and moving your build item on screen.

Once happy, press Escape to return to the normal game mode. The “ghost” of your build item will remain, allowing you to place before you finally build.

At any time after pressing Escape, so long as you have all the ingredients, you can now point at the building item and left-click your mouse to finally construct it.

Destroying Built Items

You can destroy a built item by pointing at it, and looking at the options on screen. A destroyed Built Item will return the components originally used to create it on the ground in front of you. Which can then be picked up.

To improve game performance, you are encouraged not to leave items on the ground in the game. Instead pick them up, or put them in a container, or destroy them (by dragging on to the destory icon in your journal).

Blueprints to Learn New Items

In the world you will find Blueprints. Once in your inventory, right-mouse click and choose “Open Blueprint”. You will randomly learn a new item that you can build.

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