Global Pandemic – Ultimate Character Guide (Skills, Stats and Inventory)

Definitive Guide to Character

Your Character

You can see information on your characater, what you are carrying and your skills in your journal. You also use your journal to build and craft. You even access Settings and game Features via your journal. Basically, your journal is where you “do” anything.

To open you journal, press “Tab”. By default it will show you what you are carrying (your inventory), what you have equipped, and key information about you – health, hydration levels, hunger, and so on. If you have a watch equipped, you will know the time and related information.

To start with, Global Pandemic does not show this information on the screen when not viewing your journal to increase immersion. You can, however, change this via Features.

Although this will be covered elsewhere, if you are looking at something that can have things inside (it’s a “container”), like a metal locker, and you are close enough, pressing “Tab” will also show the contents of that container. So you can then take things from it (“F” takes all), or put things into it.

Turning Pages in Your Journal

You can either use “A” and “D” to turn pages, or click on the arrows to the left and right of the journal.

You can also quickly turn to sections of your journal with the tabs at the top of the screen.

Note: You will not seeing everything straight away. For example, if you do not know how to build a ladder, it will not be shown in your journal. As an aside, you learn how to build and craft new items by finding Blueprints in the game world, put them in your inventory, and right-mouse-click to learn. This is covered more in crafting and building.

Stats & Skills

You can make your character what you want to be. Strong and stupid. Fast and Agile. These are based on your Stats, which you spend “points” on the customise your character. All stats and skills have a maximum of 100 (similar to a percentage).

When you start the game, on the Main Menu, you can choose to begin with 100% stats and skills, or have to build up your character in game.


If you choose to start the game with points to spend (and not all Stats at 100%), then click the “+”“ and ”-“” buttons beside a stat, and when happy click the “Apply” button. Once spent, you cannot change the stats and re-spend them.

The stats mean the following for your character:


  • This is your overall “health”. When it reaches zero you are dead. A higher constitution means you can take more damage before you die.


  • Increases how much you can carry (i.e. inventory spaces). It also reduces the amount of stamina required for skills such as chopping.


  • The higher your Stamina, the longer you can do things for. Including, for example, chopping wood, sprinting, breathing under water, and so on.


  • The maximum speed you can sprint at, is directly effected by your Agility.


  • Every time you use a skill, there is a chance that skill will improve. The higher your intelligence, the greater the chance your skill will improve.


Unless you chose 100% for Skills on the Main Menu when starting the game, skills have to be improved as you use them. Every time you successfully use a skill, there is a chance it will improve.

The chance of a skill improving is based on two things:

  1. How good you already are – if you are at 1%, then you have a 99% chance of improving. If you are at 85%, then you have a 15% chance of improving, and so on.
  2. But also how intelligent you are. 100% intelligence means only the above needs to be satisfied. If your intelligence is 50% then you have a half chance of learning.

The skills are as described in the journal.

Inventory Management

In your journal, on the left of your screen is what you are carrying – but not equiped for use. On the right of the screen boxes represent what you are wearing (clothes, for example). Finally, your “Hot Bar” is to the bottom right of the screen. Items in the Hot Bar can be equipped by pressing keys 1-5 (not when your journal is open).

Picking up Items

Point at an item in the game, and if close enough, a yellow outline will appear. Now press “F”, and so long as you have space in your inventory, you will pick it up.

Dropping Items

Drag any item from any inventory into a blank area of your journal and it will drop to the ground.

Destroying Items

If you want to permenantly destroy an item, drag and drop it on to the red icon down the centre of the journal.

It is generally a good idea for game performance to avoid leaving items in the game “world”. Either destroy them, or store them in a container.

Equipping Items

Make sure the item you want to equip (like a spear) is in the Hot Bar.

When not looking at your journal, if your item is in slot 1 of the Hot Bar, press “1” on your keyboad to equip it. Generally speaking, the slot of your Hot Bar will become less transparent, showing that you have now equipped the item.

If the item is something you carry – like a spear – you will see it in your hand (look down at your body if the item is small, such as a grenade).

Using Items

Once an item is equipped, you use the item by clicking the left mouse button. If you have a spear equipped, using it will stab the spear at whatever is in front of you. If a grenade is equipped, using it will throw it, and so on.

Aiming Spears, Grenades, Rocks and Bows

Certain items can be prepared before used. The spear can be thrown. The grenade and rock can be aimed. The bow can be pulled back ready to fire.

Use the right mouse button to prepare your item, and then the left mouse button to use it as normal. Preparing the spear will ready it for throwing. Preparing a grenade will allow you to aim. Preparing the bow will ready it for firing an arrow.

Checking Inside Other “Containers”

Containers are anything that can have something inside of them – their own inventory. They include, for example, cupboards, crates, generators, suitcases, campfires, campfire stoves, The Blacksmith’s Forge and Saw Mill. You may find items inside containers. You can certainly use them to store your own items.

To look inside a container, when close by and looking directly at the container (it will have a yellow outline) press “Tab” to open your Journal. Below your inventory on the left, you should see the contents of the container.

Moving Items Between Inventories

To move an item from one inventory to another, click and drag the item – and drop it into the new container.

To quick move an item to it’s most likely destination, hold the left shift key and click with your mouse, and it will instantly move.

  • You can empty a container of all the items within it by pressing “F”.
  • You can drop everything in your main inventory by pressing “U”.

Splitting Stacked Items

Certain items “stack”. So in a single inventory slot, you can carry more than one of those items. From time to time, you might want to “split” the stack. For example, if you have 20 Mud and you want to put mud in the campfire to make Clay Bricks, you don’t want to waste 20. You want to split into stacks of 5, as you need 5 per clay brack.

So you can split items in half, or split 1 of them. You can also drag stackable items on top of each other to make a single stack.

Right mouse click an item that has more than one in the stack in the inventory to get the options.

Adding More Slots to Your Inventory

The size of your main inventory can be increased by picking up various bags. Look out for bags for your back, and your waist. Equip the bag (add to your wearing inventory) and the number of slots in your inventory will increase. Remove the bag, and the number will decrease.

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