Global Pandemic – Ultimate Game Modes Guide

There are three special modes that you can use, if you want to. They change the game significantly, so available to you if you want to use them.

Guide to Game Modes

Sandbox (“God”) Mode

This is a special mode that grants you god-like status! Press “Num Pad 2” to activate, and “Num Pad 2” again to de-activate.

When activated a small reminder is shown at the top of the screen.

It changes the game so that:

  • You will not be attacked.
  • You can build and craft anything, without the need to have the items required in your inventory.
  • You can build and craft everything that is available in the game.
  • You are not damaged by falling too far.
  • Vehicles do not need or use Fuel (Jerry Cans) to drive.
  • Campfires can be lit without matches or fuel to burn.

Super-Speed Mode

If you want to move really fast when you Sprint, press the “NumPad 3” to activate.

To de-activate, press “NumPad 3” again.

Flight Mode

If you want to move up in the air, press the “NumPad 1” to activate.

To de-activate, press “NumPad 1” again.

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