Gloomwood – How to “End” The Game

A simple guide for those confused (like me) about how to “end” the current early access section.

Guide to “End” The Game

You Must Disobey the Lighthouse Keeper

When you listen to the message from the keeper, he will explicitly tell you not to look at the mirror in the basement. Being a good, obedient doctor, you may have heeded his instruction and wondered how you were supposed to progress to a determined endpoint. You must examine the mirror in order to “finish” the current Early Access portion.

Other Stuff

I do encourage you to explore the area following the lighthouse, as there is a note on the currently closed gate with information related to some persons of interest wanted by the city that you may find interesting. Also, if you go down to the right of the gate there is a small landing where you can see a barred entrance to the sewers. Might be worth looking into for later.

You might also want to have a second look at the map the keeper left you to find a semi-secret “tool” that may come in handy for later. It can be found on the far side of the fishery, which you should now have a quick and dirty (emphasis on dirty) shortcut towards.

There currently isn’t a way to sell loot, but there probably will be in the next update, so don’t be so keen to cast those jewels and treasures off into the water. Patience, doctors.

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