GNOSIA – How to Get Gina’s 4th Note

You can get it after a reboot. It’s weird that some people are like at 200+ loops and haven’t gotten it even with the bug. There might be some more issues but the only thing I can really suggest is for the best chances.

Guide to Get Gina’s 4th Note

In shorts

She needs to catch a liar.

  • Reboot game.
  • At start of game, Cover Gina and then use Say you’re human so she can attempt to find a lie.
  • Repeat this enough/or altf4 and reload enough and soon you should find it.

In details

  • Comet has to be alive, as well as whatever liar she (Gina) spotted.
  • Gina has to be alive and somewhat trust you (Probably check in on her the first day you can to see how she views you.).
  • Gina has to be human (doesn’t matter exactly what).

An idea for everyone who still doesn’t:

  • Have ~3 Gnosia, and all players and roles avaliable (including bug and AC).
  • Pick to be an Engineer.
  • First Day – Ask Guard Duty to step forward, Ask Doctor to step forward, Reveal yourself as Engineer, Cover Gina, Have Everyone say their human. Vote for any not named Gina.
  • Visit Gina (even if Event isn’t showing) and investigate her. If Gnosia, start a new loop. If she dies, start a new loop. If she’s human, continue through day 2. Throw a cover at her and/or try and collabrate with her.
  • Go through day 2, trying to keep Gina alive.
  • Midphase 2 check if event is appear. If it’s not, alt-f4 and open up game, repeat to see if it’ll appear.
Written by HAWAIIANpikachu

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