GNOSIA – How to Obtain Lonely Battle Achievement Easy

Please note: all credit goes to 0hKay!

Tips on how to survive as the only gnosia on board with the full crew present (granting the Lonely Battle achievement).

Easy Lonely Battle Achievement Guide

Short and Simple Way

You must be in loop 14 for this to work.

In silver key set-up, ensure that there are 15 members present and only 1 gnosia (then make sure to assign yourself as the gnosia).

Then disable all other roles (Guard duty, Engineer, Doctor, Guardian Angel, Bug (If you have it unlocked), and even AC follower).

Congrats! you’ve now given yourself a huge advantage, as literally nobody can confirm that you are 100% gnosia! Now for the actual part.

Obtaining the Achievement

As the game is completely random, I cannot give you a complete walkthrough, but here are some helpful tips/tricks that got me the achievement.

  • Defend the first person to be accused (seems contradictory, but increases your amicability with that person and takes suspicion off of you)
  • Get rid of Yuriko first (unless she is doubting you, then kill Kukrushka or Comet because they can get very annoying due to their stats and abilities)
  • Try to pin the blame on a “showy” character with high performance (SQ, Raqio, or Jonas)
  • Don’t try to completely go with the flow! Throw in some “defends” or “covers”. Accusing or agreeing with an accusation too much brings a lot of suspicion upon you.
  • Keep the less intuitive/logical characters alive (Shigemichi, Gina, Sha-Ming (Especially if you have a female character, Sha Ming will be of great help))…

…aaand you’ve got yourself the achievement! Congrats!

More Difficult Way

If you wish to give yourself a challenge, leave all of the other roles enabled (still ensure that there is only 1 gnosia and it is you) and try to get the achievement this way. In this case, here are some helpful tips I’d recommend using:

  • Try to figure out the AC follower and pin the blame on them (they are very annoying, even though they are supposed to help the gnosia).
  • If multiple people claim to be engineer, kill someone one or both of the engineers did not get along with and attempt to get one of them put into cold sleep. kill the other one overnight.
  • Don’t mind the doctor, as the disadvantage they would’ve given to you is already applied since everyone on board only knows that there is a single gnosia.
  • Kill high intuitive or logical people (except Raqio, everyone loves to pick on him and put him into cold sleep for some reason).
  • Don’t just target intuitives, though, you should also aim for high charm and charismatic people as they can really turn a meeting against you.

And that is all the advice I’ve got! Good luck.

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