GNOSIA – How to Trigger Events

Tips & Tricks for Triggering Events

Some events like Sha-Ming’s 4th event and Gina’s 4th event(and some command events as well) won’t trigger if you keep the game up for too long; only way is to keep reload/restart(doesn’t reset your game data dw) until they trigger.

Otherwise the events should occur normally as you keep playing. Some events may fail if you fail to complete the objective.

For example, some events require you and setsu to both survive till the end(which instead of using event finder, you can abuse the settings by changing yourself to guardian angel). I normally use guardian angel(or gnosia, if you are not required to be crew, so you can control who dies) for events that require me to keep someone alive till the end.

For me the protect events actually returned pretty quick as long as I used similar settings. It should return within a few runs.


  1. It seems restarting the game works quite well, it gets new events easily after dry runs. At least it feels like it. Am I a superstitious pigeon? How would that even work?

    • This is a known bug in the Steam version. If the game runs for too long, certain events will never occur. You will also notice characters using only simple commands(no obfuscate, no seek agreement, no regret, no seek help, no retaliate etc.). That is usually a sign to reload your game. I only found out about this yesterday, and I’m already near 180 loops with no sign of Gina’s 4th event lmao.

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