God of War – 100% Achievement / Trophy Guide

A complete guide for getting all achievements / trophies in God of War.


  • Missable: 0 (all achievements / trophies can be unlocked after completing the game).
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1.
  • Difficulty required for 100%: None (all achievements / trophies can be unlocked on the lowest difficulty).
  • Time to 100%: 30 to 40 hours.

Note: This is a completely hand written guide. Any item / collectable you need can be found by using CTRL + F and enter what you’re looking for in the text box.

Story Achievements / Trophies

Story related, cannot be missed.

The Journey Begins
Defend your home from The Stranger

A New Friend
Survive the Witch’s Woods

Feels Like Home
Allow the Light Elves to return home

Dragon Slayer
Defeat the Dragon of the Mountain

Troubling Consequences
Defeat Magni and Modi

Hello, Old Friend
Retrieve the Blades of Chaos

Promise Fulfilled
Heal Atreus

Round 2
Rescue Atreus

Past Haunts
Ride the ship out of Helheim

Twilight Beckons
Defeat Baldur

Last Wish
Spread the ashes

Upgrade Achievements / Trophies

Nice Moves
Obtain a Runic Attack Gem

Gems can be found in chests and are also dropped by enemies.

Dwarven Ingenuity
Upgrade a piece of armor

You can upgrade crafted armor pieces at Brok’s shop throughout the game.

Best Dressed
Craft an outfit for Atreus

You need 10,000 Hacksilver and 2 Soft Svartalfheim Steel. At Brok’s shop, navigate to “Atreus Armor” from the menu. Pick any armor you want.

Slot an Enchantment into your armor

Upgrading an armor piece with an enchantment slot, select it to bring up the socket slot, and place an enchantment in it.

The Best Moves
Fully upgrade a Runic Attack

You can get Runic Attacks from drops, quests, and chests. After obtaining one, navigate to the weapons menu and upgrade it. They only cost xp and no special materials.

Idunn’s Orchard
Fully upgrade your Health

You will need 9 Idunn’s Apples found in Nornir chests. Each chest has 3 rune pots you need to break to open them.

  • 1 – Wild Woods – Just after beginning the game, travel through Wild Woods until you find a circle in the ground with paths leading in all directions. Continue straight to the temple area with three rune pots to destroy and reveal a chest with an Idunn Apple.
  • 2 – River Pass – After first Revenant fight, look for a puzzle that lowers two sides of a bridge. Smash the 3 runes to unlock the chest.
  • 3 – Midgard – Towards the end of River Pass and close to your first encounter with a fire troll. There will be rune pots on timers, you’ll have to use sprint to destroy them all.
  • 4 – Midgard – Near one of the first lookout towers you’ll come across. You have to throw the Leviathan Axe at a nearby switch that lowers the spikes on the timed pots. Afterward, hit the timed pots before the spikes go back up.
  • 5 – Midgard – In The Mountain where you find the first Heavy Viken. Rrune pot 1 is in a room a further back. You’ll have to throw the shatter crystal at the wall and then use a shock arrow to open it. Rune pot 2 is in a rock wall up the ramp. Rune pot 3 can be found after raising the ramp back up.
  • 6 – Alfheim – After lowering the platform in the middle of the lake, you’ll make your way towards the temple of light. Shortly after going underneath the lake, you’ll come across a rune chest. This one is all about the elevator, controlled by the nearby switch. Notice that it has different levels, according to how far you pull it. Two pots can be seen when you freeze the elevator partway down. The last is found in the alcove behind the switch after the elevator is let back up.
  • 7 – Tyr’s Vault – In the side passages with all the traps. One pot is somewhat hidden. On your way to the next room, from the room with the chest, the pot is in one of the traps coming from the ceiling.
  • 8 – Forgotten Caverns – Around the Lake of the Nine, just after you kill/free the first Hel-Walkers, all three rune pots are on a pole that spins around as you hit them.
  • 9 – Light Elf Outpost – Pots are hidden around the walls, one is halfway up the tower on the outside.

Quick Tempered
Fully upgrade your rage

You will need 9 Horns of Blood Mead found in Nornir chests. Each chest has 3 symbols you need to break to open them.

  • 1 – Midgard – After meeting Brok, you’ll see an elevator puzzle. Stand on top of the elevator and raise it to see the rune pots.
  • 2 – The Foothills – After meeting Sindri, make the symbols on the switches match the chest. Freeze the switch covered in poison to see its rune.
  • 3 – Alfheim – In front of the Temple of Light, go left, down the stairs, you’ll find a chest containing the mead. If you’ve found the blacksmith, you’re on the wrong side.
  • 4 – Alfheim – In front of the Temple of Light, go right, you’ll find another chest with a Horn of Blood Mead. You’ll need the light of Alfheim on the Bifrost and on Atreus’ bow. The rune pots will be around that last room. For one of them, you’ll have to thread an axe throw through tight gaps, while standing on the platform.
  • 5 – Midgard – After dispelling the black smoke, there is a place where the giants test you. There will be two switches with runes leading up to a light bridge, and one afterward. After that, a room with a chest with runes written in blood on the walls. Make sure the switches match the runes.
  • 6 – Midgard – in the Witch’s Caves below her house, you’ll need shock arrows. When you’re back from the summit of The Mountain, come back and grab it.
  • 7 – Helheim – Before getting on a large boat, you’ll be able to push a box into a gap to reach a small open area. There’s a box nearby, and one of the rune pots is inside the box (climb to its other side to see it). One of them is out on the water nearby – you’ll have to push the box all the way back and climb to see it. The last is visible from an upper ledge.
  • 8 – Fafnir’s Hoard – Outside of the entrance. All three are visible and can be hit from where the chest is.
  • 9 – Lake of the Nine – Isle of the Dead. At the top, you’ll find a Horn of Blood Mead.

Fully upgrade the Leviathan Axe

You will need to upgrade the Leviathan Axe to level 6. You can upgrade it to level 5 with Frozen Flames (dropped from bosses). To upgrade it to level 6, you must travel to the Niflheim realm. You can then buy the last Frozen Flame from the Dwarves. You’ll need an item called Chilling Mist which is obtained by gathering 5,000 Mist Echoes. These echos will allow you to unlock a chest in the central chamber of Niflhein containing the item.

Why Fight It
Fully upgrade the Blades of Chaos

You will need to upgrade the Blades of Chaos to level 5. You can upgrade them to level 4 with Chaos Flames (dropped from bosses). To upgrade them to level 5, you must travel to the Muspelheim realm. You can then buy the last Chaos Flame from the Dwarves. You’ll need an item called Raging Inferno of Muspelheim. To get this, you will have to defeat the Valkyrie in Muspelheim.

Quest and Collection Achievements / Trophies

Like Oil and Water
Complete all of Brok and Sindri’s Favors

There are 5 mission in total:

  • 1 – Second Hand Soul
  • 2 – Deus Ex Malachite
  • 3 – Fáfnir’s Storeroom
  • 4 – Family Business
  • 5 – Hail to the King

Unfinished Business
Assist all of the wayward spirits

There are 4 spirits you can help by clearing enemies from braziers around the Lake of Nine.

  • 1 – Iron Cove – Southwest of Tyr’s Temple.
  • 2 – Isle of Death – At the highest area of the isle is where the brazier is.
  • 3 – Forgotten Caverns – Sail Northeast from the Isle of Death and you’ll come across this brazier.
  • 4 – Cliffs of the Raven – Right of Tyr’s Tower.

Learn the languages of Muspelheim and Niflheim

Muspelheim ciphers (you only need 4):

  • 1 – Forgotten Caverns – The Forgotten Caverns is in the western area of the Lake of Nine. You’ll find the chest near to the southern dock point, not far from the Mystic Gateway. There island also has a spirit to assist and an Idunn Apple.
  • 2 – Lake of Nine to Foothills passage – Enter a tower connected to Tyr’s Temple by a bridge. Once in, take a right, past the green gas, and enter the cave. Drop down and climb the other side. At the bottom, freeze the gas dispenser to get the chest.
  • 3 – Cliffs of the Raven – Lake of Nine to the East. Defeat the dark elves then boost Atreus up to the second level. Command him to drop the golden chain and climb up to it for the purple chest.
  • 4 – Witch’s Cave – Behind the elevator in the lower level, explode the tree sap with an Atreus arrow. Solve the puzzle to open the door in this area. The Muspelheim language cipher is in the purple chest on the other side.
  • 5 – Alfheim – During The Light of Alfheim, after killing your first three Dark Elves, look to your right as you pass through the gate that was blocked with pink roots. The chest is right there.
  • 6 – The Mountain – It’s almost impossible to miss this one as it’s part of the main story path. Just follow the route from the Mystic Gateway named ‘The Summit’ and the purple chest with the cipher will be right in front of you at the top of a staircase.
  • 7 – Muspelheim Tower – Locate a passage behind the Lookout Tower. You should be able to find a set of handholds you can climb to reach the top. At the top, you’ll find a zip line that lets you get to the area behind Muspelheim Tower. Climb the nearby boards to find a chest containing a cipher.

Niflheim ciphers (you only need 4):

  • 1 – The Mountain – Towards the top near the area Mountain Summit, go through the door and out onto the cliffs below. You’ll see a Realm Tear. The Cipher chest will be close by.
  • 2 – World Serpent – While in his stomach of the World Serpent, towards the end, after having docked and reclaimed Mimir’s missing eye, you can turn right around from having claimed the eye, to see a the chest.
  • 3 – Tyr’s Temple – After descending into the Tyr’s Temple area, you’ll be tasked with taking Winds of Hel energy with you and transporting them. One this section is completed, you can throw off one of the two huge chains, in order to flip the temple entirely. Before doing this, look to the other end of the area to see the cipher chest.
  • 4 – Tyr’s Temple – Look for a puzzle involving Atreus shooting sap with his shock arrows to make it explode. Make it across the trap with falling blocks of spikes and you’ll see the chest.
  • 5 – Lookout Tower – Can only be obtained after lowering the water in the Lake of Nine a second time. Left from the beach, hit the orange spinner with your axe to lower a row of spikes. Once over, throw your axe at the spinner again to reveal a path to a Cipher chest.
  • 6 – Council of Valkyries – Also obtained after lowering the water in the Lake of Nine a second time. Along the shore, below the Alfheim Tower, you see a Realm Tear. Next to it you’ll see some rubble that be be destroyed. Go up the ledge to the left and you’ll go around said rubble. Look down on it to spot shatter crystals on the back. Hit them with Light Arrows to create a path to the chest.
  • 7 – Ruins of the Ancient – In the northern part of the Lake of Night, near a Stone Ancient you need to fight. The Niflheim Language Cipher is in a chest on the beach.

Death Happened Here
Explore Veithurgard

Veithurgard is in the top right of the Lake of Nine. To unlock this achievement, there is a temple you must access in the south of Veithurgard. You will fight your way through until you reach the end where you will have to fight a troll named Dauði Hamarr. Beat him and open the final door, loot the treasure and the achievement will pop.

Collect all of the Artifacts

There are a total of 45 artifacts to find, none of which are missable. The map will show you how many are needed in each area when you scroll over a specific region.

Beneath the Surface
Explore all the Lake of Nine has to offer

All areas you need for this achievement:

  • 1 – Stone Falls
  • 2 – The Mason’s Channel
  • 3 – Veithurgard
  • 4 – Buri’s Storeroom
  • 5 – Cliffs of the Raven
  • 6 – Lookout Tower
  • 7 – Isle of Death
  • 8 – Iron Cove
  • 9 – Forgotten Caverns
  • 10 – Ruins of the Ancient
  • 11 – Light Elf Outpost

Darkness and Fog
Retrieve all treasure from the Workshop’s center chamber

You’ll need 68500 Mist Echoes and 3 Anchor Fogs to open all the treasure chests and Realm Tears to complete the center chamber. You gather by running the randomly generated dungeon. The central chamber includes five chests and three Realm Tears.

The Truth
Read all of the Jotnar shrines

There are a total of 11 Jötnar shrines to find. They look like a big wooden cabinets:

  • 1 – Skol and Hati – In Wildwoods, after exiting the temple with two gates, head left to find a chain leading back to the second floor of the temple. Go up the stairs and look for a shrine to the wolves Skol and Hati at the end of the hall.
  • 2 – Hrungir – In the Marketplace Ruins of the River Pass, where you killed your first Revenant, climb up to the area above. You’ll see a Nornir Chest to the right. Go left instead to a hallway overlooking the area with the first Revenant. Towards the end is Hrungir’s shrine.
  • 3 – Ymir – In The Mountain, after the Dragon boss, climb up a long chamber to find a red sap wall before a group of Reavers praying to a Nornir Chest. To the right of them is a Shatter Crystal you can use to head back and throw at the red sap wall. Behind the wall, you’ll find the Jotnar Shrine.
  • 4 – Starkadr – In Konunsgard, after completing two quests from each of the Dwarves, you’ll be given the Hail to the King favor. To find Konunsgard, look for a tunnel behind the Forgotten Caverns that leads through King’s Hollow. After enteing Konunsgard, you’ll find an imprisoned dragon in the area and a locked door to the stronghold needing three keys. Through this door, to the right, is the shrrine.
  • 5 – Skadi – In Veithurgard, near the Shores of Nine. Go past the dragon to the entrance of Veithurgard Keep. Align the runes to gain entry to the door. The first chamber holds the Jotnar Shrine.
  • 6 – Bergelmir – In Tyr’s Temple, enter the hidden chamber. You’ll be in a room with 2 Troll statues and a lift leading down below the temple where the chains hold it in place. Down the lift is the shrine.
  • 7 – Thamur – In Thamur’s Corpse, after obtaining the chisel, return to the main docks to the Thamur’s Corpse region. Look left to find a Hidden Chamber of Odin door you can now open. Inside will be the shrine.
  • 8 – Jormungandr – In the Shores of Nine, from Tyr’s Temple, cross the bridge to the Vanaheim Tower, and enter the tower and immediately take a left over some debris to find the shrine.
  • 9 – Thrym – In the Shores of Nine, after draining the lake twice, take the boat to the Lookout Tower. Climb to the top of the ledges. Zip line down towards the back of the Muspelheim Tower, and you’ll find a Revenant guarding the Jotnar Shrine.
  • 10 – Goa – In Alfheim, by the Ringed Temple Trench. Activate the light bridge that leads to the blue sealed temple. Cross the bridge, turn right at the end to find Sindri’s Shop, and next to it is a Shrine to Groa.
  • 11 – Surtr – In Muspelheim, cross the bridge from Tyr’s Temple to find another one of Brok’s Shops. To the left, make the climb to the trials and you’ll find the Jotnar Shrine for Surtr.

Treasure Hunter
Use treasure maps to find all of the dig spots

There are 12 treasure maps:

  • 1 – Turtles Tribute is found in the Witch’s Cave right in front of the Hidden Chamber of Odin.

Then head to the top of the area and destroy a wall of red sap and climb the wall. Follow the stone path and stop near the turtle’s left front foot. Inspect the mossy stone for the dig spot.

  • 2 – Kneel Before Thor is found in the Landsuther Mines, which is in The River Pass.

At the top of the Lookout Tower is a zip line, use it. At the bottom is a Jotnar Shrine and to the right is the dig spot.

  • 3 – The Dead and Bloated treasure map can be found deep within the Volunder Mines.

At the Cliffs of The Raven after docking the boat, climb up the chain then turn left. Scale the wall to your right and make the jump immediately on the right. You’ll see a Nornir Chest. Behind you is a chain, hop down to the left onto a path that leads to the main area. In the back of this area is a dead giant on the floor. Next to its stomach is the dig spot.

  • 4 – Don’t Blink is located in Fafnir’s Storeroom. Near the central pillar of the room.

In the Foothills along the path up to the mountain entrance. Continue until jumping a gap. Scale the wall to the left. At the top, walk left just a few steps and the dig spot is at the edge of the cliff.

  • 5 – Creation Island is in Iron Cove. Upon docking the boat, walk forward and the map will be sitting in the center of the path.

At the Lake of Nine, in Buri’s Storeroom. After docking, go through the gate on the left. Continue to the end of the path. Before reaching the water wheel at the back of the area, there is a bit of land on the left. In the center is the dig spot.

  • 6 – Finder’s Fee is in the Forgotten Caverns. Upon docking, go forward, past the Mystic Gateway. At the junction, turn left and you will find a chest. Just in front of that chest is the map.

In the Northri Stronghold. Halfway through the area is a room with a large gate and a couple of water wheels. There is a dock next to the gate, and up the stairs is a climbable wall. Climb it and the dig site can be found against the back wall.

  • 7 – Njord’s Oarsmen can be found in the Northri Stronghold.

In The Mason’s Channel, next to the Council of Valkyries. Dock on the left side of the shore, head to the back of the area and scale the climbable wall. Jump the gap and you’ll see Sindri’s Shop. There is a small wall you can climb directly opposite where you can interact with Sindri. At the top, take a right; continue through the path and the dig spot is on the edge of the cliff.

  • 8 – The Boat Captain’s Key can be found at Stone Falls, right on the shore.

On the Isle of Death, after lowering the water twice in the Lake of Nine, head to the main shore and fight past the Revenants and into the center rock with an area inside you can climb back up to the very top where the original shore was. You’ll see a broken ship, enter underneath the ship to find an area to dig where the treasure is.

  • 9 – Island of Light is found in the Mason’s Channel. Dock the boat to the left of the two statues of Oarsmen. Stick to the left side of the beach, and the map can be found on the ground.

In the Light Elf Outpost. Unlock all the parts of this outpost using the light crystals and chains. You’ll see a junction where you can either climb up a wall or use a chain to access a lower level. Take the chain, which will lead you to the dig spot.

  • 10 – The Historian can be found in the Ruins of the Ancient. Instead of carrying on through the passageway, dock the boat on the shore to the left. Vault over the fallen pillar and the map can be found in the center, on the floor.

In Fafnir’s Storeroom. From Sindri’s shop, continue through the area, heading deeper into the storeroom. In the open field, take the left flight of stairs. At the top, next to the left brazier is the dig spot.

  • 11 – Hunter’s Kingdom is found in the Lookout Tower area. Dock the boat and hit the mechanism. At the top, hit it again. Climb the wall, at the top, take a left and hop off the edge. In the middle of the area is the map.

In Veithurgard, on the mainland. In the back left corner is a large door. To the left of this door is a lore marker, and to the right of that marker is the dig spot.

  • 12 – The Last Place They’d Look is found in The Mountain. Use the mystic gateway to the summit of the mountain. Head back towards the way you came up. Halfway along the path, you will be able to climb down on the left side. Walk along the left side of the path until you get a prompt. At the bottom, head through the double doors. Take a right, and continue down, past the room where you fought the ancient. Head through the crouch space and the map will be on the floor.

In the Council of the Valkyries. It is located in the area with the eight thrones. The dig spot is on the left side, located between the second and third throne.

Alfather Blinded Achievement / Trophy

Allfather Blinded
Kill all of Odin’s ravens

River Pass:

  • 1 – On some rocks just before the bridge where you meet Brok for the first time.
  • 2 – Near the second troll close to a big rib cage, with the rib bones rising high into the air. The raven is atop the back right rib.
  • 3 – In the stone tunnel after you beat the ogre in the center of the River Pass. Look up to the stone stack, almost invisible against the sunlight.
  • 4 – In the burnt out, destroyed little village at the end of the River Pass trail is another raven, perched on the roof of the first house on the right.
  • 5 – In the Witch’s Woods, up on the platform where the Nornir chest is located is a raven.
  • 6 – Inside the Hidden Chamber of Odin, just to the right of the Witch’s Wood on the map. Inside the chamber itself, the raven is seated on a small pillar in the wall.


  • 7 – In the Hidden Chamber of Odin, right on the edge of the water to the south.
  • 8 – At the top of the lift that takes you from the Foothills to the base of the mountain. It is high on the cliffs right behind the lift station.

The Mountain:

  • 9 – Through the door to the right of the stag statue. The raven is on the wooden struts beneath the bridge.
  • 10 – Through the tunnel to the left of the central area at the bottom of the mountain with the lift. It is flying around and might take some time to hit.
  • 11 – Near the giant block for the lift in the heart of the mountain. Go up to the platform by the gold chain. The raven is clearly visible nestled in the wooden struts.
  • 12 – Just inside the Mountain’s Hidden Chamber of Odin where the Valkyrie waits is a raven sitting on the edge of the wall to the left.

Shores of Nine:

  • 13 – Head over to the top of the Niflheim Realm Tower. Over on the right hand side you’ll be able to see a boat where a raven is hanging out. Go smash.

Lookout Tower:

  • 14 – From the dock, climb to the top. From here you’ll see a raven circling overhead.

Cliffs of Raven:

  • 15 – From the giant’s corpse on the Cliffs of Raven, head up the gold chain behind it. At the top, look out towards the Lake and you’ll see a Raven on some rocks.

Volunder Mines:

  • 16 – From the dock, go up to the platform with the mystic gateway. In the sky and you’ll see a raven.

Buri’s Storeroom:

  • 17 – We can get this raven at Stone Falls. At the top of Stone Falls put your back to the wheel and head through the gate towards the Lake of Nine. You’ll see the raven circling the stone column.


  • 18 – By the dragon’s tether there are two wooden blockades set into the stone. Behind the left one is a raven.
  • 19 – To the left of the giant gates there’s a lore marker and if you put your back to that, there’s a raven to your left.
  • 20 – The last raven is over on the island where the statue stands, circling around the statue.

Stone Falls:

  • 21 – From the Stone Falls Mystic Gateway, head across the wooden bridge and stand by the wheel crank on the right. Then turn around to look up at the cliffs behind you.

Council of Valkyries:

  • 22 – At the entrance, a raven is perched on the prow of the right hand side of the two giant wooden boats marking the entrance to the Mason’s Channel and the Council of Valkyries.

Thamur’s Corpse:

  • 23 – Look up in front of the Thamur’s Corpse mystic gateway towards the edge of the building.
  • 24 – Inside the main arena in the Hidden Chamber of Odin by Thamur’s Corpse is a raven hiding in the trees.

Northri Stronghold:

  • 25 – Pull your boat up to the dock by Sindri’s Store at the Northri Stronghold. Behind you is a raven.
  • 26 – Over by the ship where the battle happened, look to the left and you’ll see a raven hiding in the holes of the giant water gate.


  • 27 – Behind the red chest beyond the poison mist down the path to the left after Sindri’s shop, a raven is in the rocks on the other side of the valley.
  • 28 – Pass through the sealed doors at the bottom left hand area and move towards the gate. Drop the bridge, and on the rocks to your right is a raven.
  • 29 – After freeing the dragon dragon, the raven is below it.
  • 30 – Inside the Konunsgard fortress, take the path to the right of the door, and then turn left when you hit the shrine. Above the red chest.
  • 31 – From where the dragon’s tether was, head up the path to the right. Just in the rocks above the platforms on the left is another raven.

Forgotten Caverns:

  • 32 – Climb the wall and look down to your right as you reach the top to find the raven.
  • 33 – By the Nornir chest, on top of the wooden column.

Fafnir’s Storeroom:

  • 34 – Past the Mystic Gateway where you can see the sky.
  • 35 – In the green open area, a raven is on a branch above the pond.
  • 36 – Above the entrance to the storeroom.
  • 37 – Near the central platform where you place the entry stones.
  • 38 – On your way back to your boat, a raven is on the wooden struts.

Landsuther Mines:

  • 39 – Pass through the gap near the entrance, climb the wall, a raven is in front of you on the wooden structure.
  • 40 – From the waterside area with the dead ancient, head through the tunnel and to the left. Move onto the dock area, look up to find a raven.

Isle of Death:

  • 41 – Face away from the red chest on the west beach a raven is in the gap between the cliffs.

Iron Cove:

  • 42 – At the Iron Cove dock, climb two platforms, head right, climb the boat wreck, look up to your left.


  • 43 – In the Hidden Chamber of Odin, circling around the big tree.


  • 44 – By the Light Elf Santuary dock, a raven is to your left on the marble statue.
  • 45 – Inside the Hidden Chamber of Odin, a raven is to the left as you enter the Valkyrie arena.


  • 46 – Before the doors in Helheim, climb up the first central platform and go right. Explode the sap barrier and above the red chest is a raven.
  • 47 – From the same central area as the previous raven, head over to the second central platform and then head over to the left. Shot down the red sap door, the raven is before the entrance to the Hidden Chamber of Odin.
  • 48 – In the Hidden Chamber of Odin on the upper level, it’s in the rafters above the window.
  • 49 – In the lowest area of Helheim to the left, climb down the platform into the lower circle. Then climb up the wall in front of you. Don’t go down the tunnel, turn to your left and spot the raven on the rocks.
  • 50 – In the same area with the glowing statues. Another raven is across the lowest section to the right of the platform, circling in the abyss.
  • 51 – On your way back down to Brok’s Shop in Helheim, you’ll have to run down a long bridge. About halfway down there’s a big circular gold structure and inside the ring at the top is a raven.

Combat and Armor Achievements / Trophies

Obtain Ancient armor set

While playing, you’ll encounter Ancients. Beat one and you’ll be given the side quest “Hearts of Stone” where you have to bring an item you picked up off the Ancient to one of the Dwarven brothers. This will unlock the armor set for you. You’ll find more than enough materials for the armor set while playing.

Path of the Zealot
Obtain Traveler Armor set

While playing, you’ll encounter knight-looking enemies with a two handed sword and a big shield. Beat one and you’ll be given the side quest “The Road Less Traveled” where you have to bring an item you picked up off the Traveler to one of the Dwarven brothers. This will unlock the armor set for you. You’ll find more than enough materials for the armor set while playing.

All Will Fail
Kill 1,000 enemies

You’ll most likely get this while going for 100%

Fire and Brimstone
Complete all of the Trials of Muspelheim

Unlock the four ciphers to unlock Muspelheim. Once here you can begin the trials. There are six arenas in total, with each having two trials to start, normal and hard.

After completing both normal and hard modes for each of the 6 trials, you’ll unlock a new set of trials that much be completed for the achievement.

Chooser of the Slain
Defeat the nine Valkyries

  • 1 – Gunnr is found in Thamur’s Corpse (Hidden Chambers of Odin)
  • 2 – Geirdriful is found in Foothills (Hidden Chambers of Odin)
  • 3 – Eir is found in The Mountain (Hidden Chambers of Odin)
  • 4 – Kara is found in Witch’s Basement (Hidden Chambers of Odin)
  • 5 – Rota is found in Helheim (Hidden Chambers of Odin)
  • 6 – Olrun is found in Alfheim (Hidden Chambers of Odin)
  • 7 – Gondul is found in Muspelheim Trial VI
  • 8 – Hildr is found in Niflheim in the poison fog maze back corner area
  • 9 – Sigrun is found in Council of Valkyries

Dangerous Skies
Free all of the dragons

  • Dragon Otr – East Midgard in Veithurgard. You’re in Veithurgard when you can see a large statue of Thor in the center of the lake. Sail straight south from the statue until you find the place where you can dock your boat.To reach Otr, climb to the top of the stairs. Once at the top, you’ll notice that the dragon is bound by three runes. You have to destroy three shrines around the region that have a glowing blue rune.
  • Shrine 1 – Face away from the altar and go right. You’ll come to two paths, follow the left path and you’ll reach the first shrine.
  • Shrine 2 – Face away from the altar and go left. Climb the edge there and you’ll see another draugr praying at the shrine. Clear the area.
  • Shrine 3 – Towards where you found the first shrine, cross the small wooden bridge. Drop down the cliff on the left of the bridge, and follow the path until you find a large circle of menhirs. Kill the draugr, head up the stone stairs, and head right. At the end of the path, there’s another drop on the left you must make. Hop across the platforms to the other side. Open the large door by rotating the contraptions to the correct runes (T and R on the left, and what looks like n and F on the right). Investigate the halls of the dwarves, and you’ll eventually run across the third shrine you have to destroy. Continue through the rest of the ruins and make your way back to Otr to free it.
  • Dragon Fafnir – In the northeast corner of the lake of Nine. You’ll need shock arrows to explode the crystals to clear the way to climb the cliff there. Climb up and follow the path until you reach a huge door. Behind it you’ll find Fafnir.
  • Shrine 1 – Drop down where the altar holding Fafnir is into a cavern on the left. You’ll soon see the first shrine.
  • Shrine 2 – Across the room where the altar is, right across from the cavern where you found the first shrine. Jump across the gap onto the climbable wall. At the top is the second shrine.
  • Shrine 3 – Next to Fafnir, in the left corner on the level where the altar with the three runes is.
  • Dragon Reginn – In Midguard, in the land of Konunsgard. The entrance to Konunsgard is in the northwest corner of the Lake of Nine and must be reached by boat. One docked, follow the path until you reach Konunsgard. To the northeast of the stronghold, you’ll run into Reginn.
  • Shrine 1 – Down the path facing the dragon, jump over the gap and go straight to find the first shrine.
  • Shrine 2 – Continue from the first shrine until you see a door locked with three runes. Take the sap, put it near the rune that’s behind the bars. Then, shoot that sap, then the red crystal that’s next to the other bell, and lastly through the axe at the final bell above the door to open the way. This path will take you to a higher level that has the second shrine.
  • Shrine 3 – Take the rope from shrine 2 back down to the lower level. Face Reginn and head down the path leading into a cavern below him. Continue down the path until you come across the final shrine.


Father and Son
Obtain all other achievements / trophies

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