God of War – How to Beat Niflheim

Guide to Beat Niflheim

How to Beat It

Firstly you need 500 mist echos to get a key stone from sindri, you obtain mist echoes from breaking chest in the maze, once you have the keystone head to the central chamber to and open the door (use the image provided to help you out) When you get to the central chamber you’ll find a relatively safe area from the mist, which can serve as a new place to rest between runs. It is also home to several chests and Realm Tears that will become something of a main goal here in Niflheim.

Some of the chests and coffins are unlocked, and hold around 1,500 Mist Echoes – as well as Ivaldi’s Rusted Armor. There are also locked Legendary Chests and Realm Tears that can only be opened when you have enough resources, and opening them will grant you materials needed to craft and upgrade Ivaldi’s Armor – which can help slow the effects of the poison fog, and will become crucial to surviving and grinding in this realm.

Return to Sindri to learn about what is needed to craft the armor – and you’ll find more ingredients randomly in the coffins and chests while you explore the maze.

The remaining locked chests in the Central Chamber can be opened with enough Mist Echoes to earn some fairly rewarding items that range from enchantments to weapon pommels.

The last favour you have to do is close the realm tears and you should be good.

To do all these tasks you should be very high level and ready to take a beating as this is no easy feat.

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