Godfall – How to Levelling a Character

Boosting a character will enable End Game content.

Levelling Character Guide

“Boost” a Character

“Boosting” a character will make your character lv 50, enabling End Game content. With a “boosted” character you can skip Campaing or go thru campaing farming high level Items since the level scales. So you are gearing up too! You can save some time in this way.

I assume you make your character already and did play thru campaign. So now you can choose “Boost” character.

  • Open Menu > Select Character.
  • Now select “Boost Character”.
  • Now you can play End Game modes.
  • Dont worry about gear. You get a full set lv 50 gear.
  • You can continue playing Campaing. Enemy scale to your lv.
  • Or you can play End Game content directly.

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