Godlike Burger – 100% Achievement Guide

General Tips

In Godlike Burger you’ll serve burgers and kill your visitors (hopefully after they eat their burger, that way you got also some money off of them) to make more burgers, but be careful who spots you!

In my opinion such an awesome game, but it is held back by some bugs. Most of them will not get in your way to unlock all the achievements, but some objectives don’t seem to work correctly and that may make it more challenging. Around the release, quite a few objectives didn’t work correctly, but now a year later (when I write this it is May 2023) I only had problems with one objective and that was to get 900 or more reputation during the system crash event. I only managed to get 900 but that didn’t thick off the objective as completed. But you can let yourself die or restart through the freezer to shuffle the objectives. Keep in mind that this will reset them all, but if you need others to progress, it is well worth doing so.

First things first, there is a small cheat around dying. If you’re about to die and you press “start/escape” quickly and go to the main menu, you can reload your save and are back at the start of the day you were playing. This might come in handy if you’re going so well on the objectives or just did something really stupid.

Another tip to keep in mind, people pay as long as you give them an order. They will not tip you if it isn’t the correct order and with the patty they like, but sometimes you just need their money and can just give them the easiest burger to make, just to cash in.

And the last tip I want to give is to try to get the last planet unlocked as fast as possible. You don’t have to unlock them in order and on that last planet, you can make very easily loads and loads of money. For this, you need to have it unlocked and it is highly recommended to have the invisibility upgrade as well as some damage upgrades for your weapon, some extra health, and more stamina. Because you will have to fight some enemies at this level the first time. To earn the big cash in this level, you need to kill the 2 royals and use their heads for burgers for the special VIP in this level. If you give the VIP something else, he will not be happy and you should stay away from him till he is gone… at that moment his bodyguards will attack you. So vanish and attack one by one and vanish again when you have killed one or 2 to get ready for the others. It is highly unlikely to get the 2 heads in the first run of that level and in time to make the very special burger, but you’ll still earn some cash (because customers pay whether you did their order correctly or not) and prepare yourself for the really big cash price!

Oh and did you know you can save which planets you unlocked? At the end of the day, go into the room where you make sauce and walk toward the wall at the left. The price will double each time you buy this on a planet, but it is totally worth it. With this it also helps to unlock the last planet as early as possible.

And I’ll end this long section with the warning, don’t get the upgrade that will turn off stoves automatically before you get the achievement for burning 100 burgers. If you did get it, this is easily be done in a new save file, but that is so unnecessary if you just wait with that upgrade until you got that specific achievement in the poked.

First Times

The following achievements are quite easy to unlock. Not much grinding is needed and most of them are also easily doable when you just start the game, but some will be so much easier if you just wait a little bit and unlock the right stuff.

Serve the first burger

This cannot be missed as it will be one of the main tasks you do in Godlike Burger.

Make the first kill

Another achievement that cannot be missed, your supply of burgers will run out… so you’ll have to kill visitors.

Activate a trap for the first time

After you bought your first trap, you can activate it by standing next to it and pressing the button prompt that comes up. (On an Xbox controller it is X)

Catch the eye of the police

This will have been happening probably before you even looked up this guide. If somebody sees a body they will call the police, but there are many ways the police level increases and by 5 they pay you a visit for sure.

Fight off the police squad

This might be challenging and not recommended at the beginning of the game, but later on, you’re strong enough to be able to kill them. With the help of traps, or just your weapon. The vanish ability will help to make this easier.

Serve all visitors during the day

Make sure no one leaves your burger place without having eaten a burger. (So don’t kill them or scare them away before they have eaten, but not doing that at all when trying to unlock this)

Kill all visitors during the day

Go crazy and kill them all, this is much much easier later on when you have traps and are stronger.

End the day with a rating S

Very easy on the first planet as they don’t mind eating their own species.

X Amount of Times

Burn 500 patties

This is kinda missable but can be done on a new save, it just isn’t as easy as doing this when you have multiple stoves and they cook fast. Just do this achievement before you buy the upgrade that a stove automatically turns off.

Kill 100 visitors

You’ll have this long before you finished the rest of the achievements!

Catch the eye of 5 Collectors

Just don’t pay the bills and when you have a debt over 1500, you’ll have all 5 collectors at your restaurant. Your visitors will not be happy seeing them 😛

Cook 100 disgusting burgers

This is quite easy, each species loves only a few types of burgers and they don’t like the others. Most of the species earlier on don’t like the Rudus burgers, so I used those.

Let 50 witnesses slip away

There are specific species that will mostly run when they see something happen, like the pink guys. I’m not sure if those who just spot a body also count, but I would think so.

Reach max Prestige

This will happen at some point without worrying about it. For the last planet, you need an insane amount of prestige. So don’t worry about this achievement.

Earn 10,000 credits from tips alone

Another one you won’t have to worry about. You’ll get this for sure on the last planet. Use some flavoring sauce when feeding the royals and you’ll be fine.

Prepare 100 perfect burgers

I think this is about the right type of burger for the right specimen. Easy on the first planet as they don’t mind eating their own species. If it is about cooking time.. don’t worry about it, because after you bought the auto turn-off stove upgrade, it will be always perfect. But don’t buy that upgrade till you got the achievement for burning 100 burgers!

Finish 10 days with the best rating

Easiest on the first planet, and I think you might need already more than 10 days before unlocking the second planet? Just do your best to give each guest the right order and hope for not a horrible event.

Finish 50 business days

Sorry, I’m unsure if this needs to be done in one run or not. If it needs to be done in one run, I would suggest the first planet. If you haven’t unlocked this very late in the game, just get an insane amount of money on the last planet, go back to the first planet, and just let the days pass by without doing much and just speed up the game time.

Visit all planets in the Galaxy

This is the most challenging achievement in the game, because some objectives are just so challenging, and some might not work correctly. Gladly you can permanently unlock a planet after visiting it and buying that specific upgrade, which doubles in price for each planet you do that for. It gets very expensive but it is totally worth it. And as stated many times before in this review, go for the last planet as soon as you can! If you think you can’t get further because some of the planets have such bad objectives in this run.. Just die.. or reset through that menu where you also can permanently unlock the planet till you see a nice few objectives combined for one planet and go for that.

See all the races that inhabit the Galaxy

This will go together with the Traveler achievement as long as you play at least one day on each planet.

Money, Loads and Loads of Money Needed, but There Is a Trick

I don’t think I have to explain most of the achievements below. They are very self-explaining. Money is very easy to earn when you have unlocked the last planet, so keep an eye out for a run where the objectives for that one are doable, as this planet will make you rich! I have explained a little bit more about this above in the general tips section.

Buy recipes for all sauces

Buy all kitchen upgrades

Buy all chef upgrades

Pay 10,000 credits’ worth of bills

Put 10,000 credits in the safe

Spend 10,000 credits on bribes

Buy all traps

Level all traps up to the maximum

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