Gods Of Defense – Gameplay Tips

Tips for Newcomers

I find it’s not very useful to upgrade any tower manually except for Quagmires for level 1 and 2. After that I just let everything auto upgrade and change the upgrade ratio to about 3 upgrade to 1 bank.

  • There appears to be an early game, mid game and late game. Early game, the Gun turret can take care of almost anything provided it’s decently upgraded.
  • Rush monks on almost every stage. This allows you to build up the “Tornado” spell as quickly as possible (which allows you to destroy static turrets once you have enough monks – Tornado is OP af and renders almost every tower useless.
  • Follow one path all the way to the end instead of evenly spreading across 3 lanes. This makes the late game easier to conquer.
  • Once you get around 6 monks, and have completely taken care of one lane that’s sort of the mid game. You should now look to produce Quagmire + Mortar. Set up 5 Quags on one lane, and position mortars to they will hit the center of where the Quags are set up. This allows you to ignore one lane entirely and spam Tornado on the other lane.
  • If you followed the directions above, any map should be a free win at this point, just keep defending and spamming Tornado.
  • Upgrade Quags/Mortars.
  • Let the game play itself.
  • Optional: Build Shock towers on either side of the lane your Quags are on leading up to them. This will remove their shields by the time they get to the Quags so they die instantly.
  • Profit!

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