Godsbane Idle – Pertubaros Legacy Relics Guide

My memory is a little faulty but let’s see if I can recall which Uniques are created from Pertubaros Legacy relics.

Guide to Pertubaros Legacy Relics

Lingering Grudge

  • 1st Effect: +28% Forceshield.
  • 2nd Effect: Deals 8% of your current Forceshield as damage to you every time 35% of your stamina bar fills. Deals drained damage multipled by 10 to all enemies alive. This damage can’t be higher than 125% of your damage.


  • 1st Effect: +10% more Soulcore Strength.
  • 2nd Effect: Gain +0.825% additional Memory and Prestige for every 10% of your Maximum Souls Cap that is not allocated.

Sanguine Siphon

  • 1st Effect: +15% more Health.
  • 2nd Effect: Your enemies life force now fuels you. Adds 4.5% of your Maximum Health to your Giants Blood(Paragon perk) damage. Damage added this way can’t exceed 100% of your damage. Sanguine Siphon is unaffected by the Giants Blood damage cap.

I’m almost certain those three Uniques are from Pertubaros Legacy relics. However, if you can farm higher areas, I highly recommend getting Horo’s Lament and Wirt’s Peg Leg ASAP. I won’t spoil their effects but they’re damn good.

I also highly recommend maxing out the Elite orb count to 100/100 for every zone you can farm. Those orbs increase the time cap for all zones. For example, let’s say your orb count looked like this:

  • Pertubaros Legacy: 3 hours, 0/100 orbs
  • Remnants of Madness: 1.5 hours, 0/100 orbs
  • Geddon: 45 minutes, 0/100 orbs

Then, you maxed P.L. and your cap looked like this:

  • Pertubaros Legacy: 6 hours, 100/100 orbs
  • Remnants of Madness: 3 hours, 0/100 orbs
  • Geddon: 1.5 hours, 0/100 orbs

Then, you decided to skip RoM to farm Geddon and it looked like this.

  • Pertubaros Legacy: 12 hours, 100/100 orbs
  • Remnants of Madness: 6 hours, 0/100 orbs
  • Geddon: 3 hours, 100/100 orbs

Each set of 100 orbs you collect will increase the Elite timer cap of other zones up to the hardcap of 24 hours.

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