Going Medieval – How to Deal with Blighted Crops

Guide to Dealing with Blighted Crops

Soon as I got the blighted crops message (may be obvious to everyone, but who knows):

  1. Pause game, raise “Cut Plants” job priority to TOP for everyone, unpause game.
  2. Click on the red “Crops Blighted” message which jumps selection to next affected plant.
  3. Press the Y key or the sickle button, marking it to be cut. Hopefully settlers are rushing out to do that.
  4. Repeat 2. and 3. rapidly, eventually the sickle button will indicate that that plant is already selected, so skip to the next one, keep doing this until the red “Crops Blighted” message disappears.

If crop blight strikes during a non-work period it might also be good to immediately reschedule the next few hours to work.


Check the “don’t seed” box on the affected fields till you have all the blight rooted out, otherwhise they might waste time replanting the tile they just chopped the blighted crop from (wich then ofc could be affected again).

And you can just mark all the blighted crops while in pause, repausing every time it spread to a new one that isnt marked already.

Hope this helps some people, and it wasn’t too bleeding obvious!

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