Golden Light – Hidden Val Ending Guide

A guide for achieving the elusive, hidden Val ending. Get ready to tackle the Library…

Guide to Hidden Val Ending


The hidden Val ending is the most elusive one in the game. The path is simple, but difficult: save up one thousand gold, meet Val in the Endless Dungeon, and give him your gold. This is quite difficult however. Read on to learn from my experiences.

Spoilers follow, obviously.


Step 1

Meet Val in the Eternal Field. He will North of the elevator to the Corridors, and is tortured to play the piano endlessly.

Climb on his back, and then onto the piano and you will find a meat named Royal who swears that he definitely isn’t doing anything bad to Val. Kill him, thus freeing Val.

Step 2

Go into the Gut, and save one thousand gold. Really, it should be more than that to be safe, for reasons that will be made clear in the next step. I’d say save up to at least fifteen hundred.

This process can be made a lot faster by joining the Golden Cult. This will double your gold intake.

Once you’re done, return to the Eternal Field. Keep in mind that if you do so by giving up, you will lose a few hundred gold as a penalty.

Step 3

Now, you’ll need to enter the Endless Dungeon. This is a bizarre section of the Gut that is an amalgamation of every other dungeon. The player can continue here indefinitely. However, how does one enter?

Through the Library.

The Library is the only optional dungeon in the game (as of the time of this writing), and can be accessed via the giant typewriter in the Eternal Field. Keep in mind, this is possibly the most difficult dungeon in the game, requiring at least seven keys per door, and locking the player in very narrow corridors with strong mimics. Prepare in the Eternal Field as necessary.

A certain hazard in the Library is a unique mimic that only appears in this dungeon: Mr. Gaze.

This annoying, albeit weak mimic can steal both your items and, sometimes, your gold, a couple hundred at a time. They also move about quite a lot. This is why I recommend going in with some extra gold.

Once you complete this dungeon, you will enter the Endless Dungeon.

Step 4

Find Val in the Endless Dungeon. Given his size, you can’t really miss him.

Climb up and talk to him. He will offer to show you something good if you give him at least one thousand gold. If you have more than that, you give all of your gold regardless.

If you don’t have one thousand gold, Val will continue to be present throughout the Endless Dungeon, and you can give him as much gold as you can until you’ve paid the full amount.

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