Gorilla Tag – Useful Tips and Tricks

This guide will show you really cool tips and tricks for Gorilla Tag (especially jukes).

Tips and Jukes


  1. In mountains when your going down the ice hill, avoid the ramps and then at the bottom hit the ground really hard and you will be flying (Pro tip: when you fly up press on the ice mountain to go higher)
  2. In mountains there is a really good juke, so on the left of the igloo, put your arm through the ice wall corner on the left and then push and kinda forward then you will go to the other wall very fast. (Pro tip: when your on the other wall you can try to wall surf)


  1. If you are new, never move with both hands at once, because that is not really fast, instead use one hand at a time.
  2. Never look back on a chase (but when you’re trying to do something you can always look back if it includes it.).

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