Graveyard Keeper – How to Obtain a Corpse with 19 White Skulls

This guide shows you, how to obtain a corpse with 19 white skulls. All you need is the latest DLC (Better Save Soul), because only then it is possible to manipulate and upgrade organs. If you dont have it, that means you can only get 16 white skulls.

19 White Skulls Guide


In this guide we will start with a corpse that has:

4 red skulls and 4 white skulls.

Organs Out

Once on the table, take out heart, brain and intestine.

Now you should have 0 of both skulls.

Jetzt solltet ihr 0 von beiden Schädeln haben.

Organs in

The next Step is to switch the organs you just took out, with other organs.The new organs should look like this:




It does not matter which organ has which quality. It only matters that each one has one of the qualitys from above. Each quality can only be used once. For example:

The Heart with (1), the Brain with (2) and the Intestine with (3).

Place them inside and you shouls have 4 red Skulls and 9 white Skulls.


Depending on if the dead body is rotten or not you will need to fix that on the enbalmingtable with some glue. If not than you just need to enbalm it with 3 diffrent liquids. Goldinjection, silverinjection and lye. There is no order in which you should use them. After enbalming you should have 2 red skulls and 14 white skulls.

Blood and Fat

Take him now to the autopsietable again and take out the blood and the fat. Now you should have 0 red skulls and 16 white skulls. From now on you will need to have the DLC ( Better Save Soul ) like i mentioned at the beginning.

Last Step (DLC)

You need to take out the skin and the flesh of the corpse and take it to the workbench in the new area of the dlc. There you can manipulate them with shards. Upgrade both to:

Just the white skulls. Dont bring additional red skulls to the skin or the flesh. Bring the organs back in to the corpse and you are finished. You shouls have 0 red skulls and 19 white skulls. However you can only use 16 white skulls efficiently on the graveyard, so its up to you if you want to do it but maybe in the next DLC there could be a gravestone which is better than our current ones.

Maybe this helped a few players out there, thank you for reading.

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