Grimm & Tonic – 100% Full Achievement Guide

Playthrough for 100% this game!

Complete Achievement Walkthrough


Just follow those answer to finish this game 100%!

“Good Samaritan” and “Wing Man” are in Episode 1.

Episode 1

Your place

  • Choose any gender
  • Choose all 3 answers
  • Who are you?
  • …..
  • No soul?
  • So.. What are you going to do with me?
  • Head to the address on the card

At the bar

  • Death sent me
  • Apparently I have no soul ..
  • By not having friends, hobbies or a social life?
  • Yep
  • Not .. Really
  • … Nope
  • None
  • Ain’t that the truth!
  • Why is it ‘radioactive’ green?
  • So I’m immortal?
  • To enduring life’s twist and turns!
  • That hurt so good!
  • Sure
  • Yes
  • Open the Cocktail Grimoire

I. Kassandra

  • *Continue to wait patiently*
  • You seemed a bit frustratred there. Hard day at the office?

Whiskey > Whiskey-Sour

II. Udo

  • Right away sir! What’s your preference?
  • It’s good to remember those dear to us after they’ve gone.

Tequila > Margarita

III. Usha

  • Sure thing!
  • Any particular preference?

Water > Bottled

  • Keep it and try to find her yourself?

Good Samaritan

  • Help out bar patrons…

IV. Wolfgang

  • (.. ask Saul for help! ..)
  • Of course!

? > Dragon Stout

V. Silvi

  • [SWEET]?
  • uuh?

Rum > Daiquiri

  • She told me give you this.

Wing Man

  • He looked like he could use some help…

VI. Danielle

  • Nope. He’s in the back..
  • I got no Soul?

Whiskey > Old Fashioned

  • Hello Death, Nice to meet you again.
  • Wait what happened to minions 1 through 4?

Well done! You finish Episode 1.

On The Rocks

  • Successfully complete Episode 1

Episode 2


I. Or

  • Are you old enough to drink?
  • They?

Whiskey > Manhattan

II. Tesfaye

  • Sounds like you’re having a bad day…
  • You mean Saul? Have you seen him?

Whiskey > Old-fashioned

III. Usha

  • Oh My… I’m so sorry.. Do you want a Bottled water?
  • You mean Alcohol?

Same as Tesfaye: Whiskey > Old-fashioned

IV. Kayleigh

  • What? Naw..
  • Any preference?

Rum > Pina Colada

V. Charlie

  • uhh.. Hello, how can I help?
  • -Answer Truthfully-

Tequila > Paloma

VI. Danielle

  • You know her?
  • Define ‘special’

? > Dragon Stout

VII. Sylvi

  • Saul isn’t here.
  • Sucks. Do you want a drink?

? > Silvermoon Sangria

VIII. Monica

  • -Points at Tesfaye in the corner-
  • Cause you like Tesfaye?

Gin > Salty Dog

Congrats, you finish Episode 2!

Straight Up

  • Successfully complete Episode 2

Episode 3


  • Second???
  • Let’s find ‘John’


  • Hi Juli!
  • Uhh.. I forgot something in my cubicle?
  • I’m looking for the boss
  • Nope. Sorry. Bye!


  • Let’s visit ‘Nico’s’


  • Have you seen Saul?
  • Do you know where he went?
  • Sure.

I. Zack

  • Clearly the problem isn’t your eyesight..
  • Like you’re slowly being dragged towards a cliff?

Blue Hag’s Hair

II. Juliana

  • uh.. side gig?
  • You don’t look too good
  • Why would you do this?

Redcap Ginger

III. Anjelica

  • Aunt Flow?
  • so you’re a werewolf?

Redcap Ginger

  • Lycan?
  • Remember anything as yet?

IV. Forest

  • Wow! What do you do for a living?
  • That’s inspring…

Redcap Ginger

V. Filip

  • I’m helping Nico
  • Info on Saul, y’know the bar tender?

Elvish Green Thyme

VI. David

  • Er… I like your face?
  • Racist?

Blue Hag’s Hair

You have now 100% soul!

Sweet Soul Brother

  • Gain 100% Soul

VII. John

  • Impressive!
  • How are you even standing?

Elvish Green Thyme

Last scene

  • How did you get up here?
  • Sounds like some excellent Health Coverage TBH?
  • Break the curse.
  • Yes.

Well done you finish the game!

Last Call

  • Successfully complete Episode 3

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