Grow: Song of the Evertree – Guide to Collecting Hats

How to find more hats while saving the world.

How Many Hats Are in This Game?

I collected 35 different types of headgear so far.

Since the names of the hats vary in different language versions, here a screenshot:

From upper left to lower right:

  • Mustach / facial hair item
  • Melone (Bowler) / unusual
  • Fischerhut (Buckethat) /rare
  • Hexenhut (Witchhat) /rare
  • Seilstirnband (Rope-bandana) /rare
  • Alberner Hut (Silly hat) / rare
  • Kopftuch (Headscarf) / rare
  • Edler Stadthut (Noble tophat) / rare
  • Runder Pilzhut (Round mushroomcap) /rare
  • Eleganter Hut (Elegant hat) / rare
  • Knappen Hut (Squire hat) / rare
  • Nachtmütze (Nightcap) / rare
  • Häubchen (Bonnie) / rare
  • Rosa Flicken-Schiebermütze (Pink patchwork cap)
  • Blauer Schlapphut (Blue floppy hat)
  • Lila spitzer Filzhut (Purple pointy felthat)
  • Blauer Herrscherhut (Blue sovereign hat)
  • Zierlicher malvenfarbener Hut (Tiny mauve hat)
  • Cowboyhut (Cowboyhat)
  • Strohhut (Strawhhat)
  • Gehörnter roter Herrscherhut (Horned red sovereign hat)
  • Zierlicher burgunderfarbener Hut (Tiny burgundy hat)
  • Beanie-Mütze (Beanie-cap)
  • Roter Herrscherhut (Red sovereign hat)
  • Schutzbrille (Protection goggles)
  • Fischiger Hut (Fishy hat)
  • Fickenkappe (Patchwork cap)
  • Schnabelmaske (Beak mask)
  • Blumenballonhut (Flowerballoon hat)
  • Schutzhelm (Hardhat)
  • Filzpudelmütze (Felt-pompom-hat)
  • Gehörnert blauer Herrscherhut (Horned blue sovereign hat)
  • Lila Filzpudelmütze (purple felt-pompom-hat)
  • Beiger spitzer Filzhut (Beige pointy felthat)
  • Roter Schlapphut (Red floppy hat)
  • Schicker Hut (Fancy hat)

How to Get Them?

The most common method to get a hat is to build a tailor shop in any of the town sectors, asign a dedicated tailor and buy three random hats there every day.

Unfortunately this will rerely to never spawn one of the more elusive hats available in the game.

Another method would be to reload on receiving task rewards from Diaria (the book) – they can be somewhat random so a rare hat may show up occasionally.

There is also a possibility to receive a hat from the rewards of singing to a completely grown worldseed.

However both these options tend to be rather rare occasions.

1) Caves:

A better chance to get hats regularly is, to create a seedworld with a cave that contains chests, which can be daily looted with the consumeable item ‘Eisenschlüssel’ (Iron Key). They will contain all sorts of loot, among them rare dressing items and hats.

2) Vending Machines:

The most relyable method however is to set up a few units of the decoration object ‘vending machine’ at a grocery store in a sector of your town. The vending machine unfortunately is a rare drop itself which you may encounter occasionally when you sing to a fully grown seedworld seed.

A single grocery store can be equipped with up to 4 units which will be displayed and accessible on the shop’s front porch.

You can use each vending machine once a day but you have to insert ancient bronze coins.

Note that only the pink and green vending machines depicted here will randomly drop hats – the blue machines will instead drop rare wigs/hairstyles and dyes. (Of course there is always the chance you will receive only a consolation prize from any of the machines, which can be keys or batteries for example.)

(You can also encounter at least one vending machine somewhere on the worldmap, which takes gold coins instead of bronze coins – I am not sure what exactly it sells though, yet. I will add that info once I manage to actually find that thing again ^^’)

3) Events:

A last method to find random hats early in the game is to attend a festival. Among the prizes at the festivalk tent usually is either a hat or a wig/hairstyle, though they don’t neccessarily have to be rare.

You will need 20 tokens of the corresponding festival to win one of the hats.

Diaria will inform you whether it is a festival day and the large wizard at the festival tent will explain what you have to do, to acquire tokens.

4) Specific Opportunities:

Note that you might miss the hardhat while not really a ‘rare’ hat, so far I was only able to aquire it by looting randomly appearing chests on construction sites, when setting up new buildings in the town sectors. The opportunity to loot these chests disappears the next morning, when the construction is completed and once the town construiction is finished you may have to evict inhabitants and tear down buildings to find it – in case it has eluded you so far.

Another hat dropping regularly from chests is the Flowerballoon hat – it can be obtained by completing the balloon parcours, randomly generated in some strange seedworlds.

Since the hat can also be aquired from shops, iron key chests or random rewards, it is questionable whether doing the parcours is worth the effort.

How do I get enough keys or coins?

Make sure you have a big stash of both squirreled away.

  • You can always aquire them randomly as loot for example from unlocked chests. The vending machines may give you iron keys as consolation prizes as well.
  • Though the goods change randomly daily, you can buy old bronze coins as well as iron keys at the grocery stores or the flower shops in your town. Just build one of each in evry sector and you should always have access to both.
  • The randomly appearing merchants in your seedworlds will always have keys and coins for sale , too.


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  1. great guide. i found also “just” those you mentioned, though i saw some small funky hats in other players’ screenshots, but those seem to be extra hard to find. i also hope we get the option of “no hat”, cause sometimes i would like to see on a resident just the hair without a hat. same goes with glasses & beards btw.

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