Grow: Song of the Evertree – How to Fish

You can cast out your line but don’t know how do you catch the fish after they bite or something else? Find the answers here.

Fishing Guide


  • You’ll see a red or green arrow near the fish. That will tell you which direction to hold with your movement keys.
  • If the arrow points directly down on the screen, then press S or down on your controller – I think that’s what makes the arrow turn green, indicating that you’re making progress.
  • Once you’ve been doing that for long enough, you’ll suddenly reel in the fish. You’ll be holding it in your hands – so you probably want to put it into your inventory.


When the fish comes out of the water, stop holding down the ‘reel’ button (X on controller) or your character will immediately throw the fish (usually in the water) upon catching it, thus negating all your hard work and having the game/fish act like it was never caught.

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  1. After finishing taking care of my first seed world, Book points out a shiny treasure in the water. It doesnt move or bite even if I move the bobber around. Can someone clarify how it’s supposed to work?

  2. You don’t have to hold down the ‘reel’ button (X) after you cast the line, just press it once to cast it 🙂

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