GTA 3 – How to Complete the Emergency Vehicle Import / Export List Early?

In my recent playthrough I discovered that it is possible to complete the emergency vehicle list as early as begtinning missions on Staunton Island which may be useful both for story missions in game, completing Vigilante missions (including achievement) and for sheer fun in general.

In this guide I will try to show how easily it can be done.


This is the complete list of required cars:

  • Police Car
  • Enforcer
  • FBI Car
  • Barracks OL
  • RhinoTank
  • Ambulance
  • Firetruck

And this is the crane in Portland Docks where we need to leave them.

The Easy Part

There is no checklist by the crane (as is the case with other import/export lists) so I suggest completing it in one go after we get the tank, but we can start as early as beginning of the game, picking up from parking these three vehicles:

  • Police Car
  • Ambulance
  • Firetruck

After getting access to Staunton Island we can pick up from parking the following vehicles:

  • Enforcer – behind the gate on police parking in Staunton Island. To open the gate you need to drive close to it in regular police vehicle.
  • Barracks OL – parked in Phil’s Army Surplus compound. To access it simply walk around the building this car is parked next to and you can drive off through the main gate.

The Tricky Part

Now we need only two more vehicles FBI car and Rhino Tank.

FBI car

To get an FBI car, get 5 stars on Staunton Island from a safe distance and then, when FBI cars start to pop up, hijack one.

The best way to create 5 star mayhem without losing armor or health is to throw grenades from a rooftop and then, when FBI cars start to appear, use the pill pick-up to slow down the time, kill off the fbi agents that emerge from the car in slow motion, quickly get into the car and drive off to your safehouse.This method obviusly needs to be focused around the slow-mo pill pick-ups around the city

Depending on how do you like to play, you may or may not have the access to certain pick-ups at your safehouse. The way I was able to get the car was having four police bribes, slow-mo pill and grenades at safehouse. I started on top of multistorey garage near safehouse in Staunton, dropping grenades from the rooftop, after reaching 5 stars I jumped down the ramp with my car and headed straight to safehouse. FBI car followed me, I took the pill, finished off FBI agents, got into the car and picked up the bribes. I believe this is the easiest and most reliable method but I’m open to any suggestions in the comments

Rhino Tank

To get it you need to start missions for Ray Machowski as soon as they appear to get to “Arms Shortage” mission. Once you accept it, you will be instructed to go to the Phil’s Army Surplus compound.

  • Drive to the place but don’t enter the blue marker. Tank should be right behind it.
  • Now you will need two vans, preferrably Pony or Moonbeam, that drive around the stadium – steal these cars and get them to the compound.
  • Maneuver both cars around the marker to park them one on each side of the tank. The goal is to block the doors to the tank on both sides.
  • Now walkbehind the tank and press enter vehicle – if doors are properly blocked, you will find yourself inside the tank, if your character will start to wiggle around it means doors are not properly blocked, in that case you need to push out the tank a little further (just press walk towards the tank from the behind).
  • Once inside the tank, be careful, this is the trickiest part: you need to drive a little bit forward to pass the vans and turn right before the blue marker to drive off from the compound in the tank – be careful though, tank is destructible and sudden moves may end up in the explosion.
  • Once outside the compound, drive the tank to your safehouse garage. Remember: any wrong move may end up in explosion.
  • Once the tank is in garage, return to the compound and continiue with the mission (the easiest way is to block the back alley with a car and lob grenades towards the coming cartel cars).
  • When you complete the mission return to safehouse.
  • You may notice that you cannot enter the tank, but mind that tank is also destructible. fire it from the garage door with rocket launcher (you will lose health but you will survive) to destroy it, and then let the garage door to close.
  • After opening the door you have fully accessible, indestructible tank.

After delivering these last two vehicles to crane in Portland you will have infinite access to all delivered emergency vehicles.

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