Gulman 5 – Collectibles Guide

In this guide you’ll find the locations of the instruments, runestones, fuel canisters and fuses – both listed and marked on the map.

Guide to Collectibles


In this guide you will find the locations of all collectible items in Gulman 5 – Instruments, Runestones, Fuel Canisters and Fuses.


  1. Right after starting the game, on your left, in the boat.
  2. Southwestern house, on the scaffolding.
  3. Southeastern house, first floor movie room (code: 259), behind the armchair
  4. In the ruins south of the western temple, on top of the column.
  5. In the brown bunker east of the huge rock next to the dockyard.
  6. Military base, southeast guard tower.
  7. Military base, in the small building next to the garage, in a locker in the room with the radio.
  8. On top of the flat rock, north of the crashed plane.
  9. In the brown bunker in the northeastern corner of the island, on a shelf.
  10. Middle north building, on the roof.
  11. On the beach north of the laboratory, next to a chair.
  12. In the laboratory, on the 3rd floor, in a small cabinet.

“Unlimited Instruments” Glitch

There’s a way to collect a seemingly infinite amount of Instruments, thus being able to upgrade your weapons to a ridiculous extent.

First of all, you’ll need a clean start of the game. This means no checkpoints/saved games should be present. The best way to do this is either reinstalling the game or deleting all your saves manually from the game’s folder.

Start a new game and collect one or more Instruments avoiding any checkpoints; DO NOT USE the Instruments you’ve collected!

A quick and easy route:

  1. Pick up your first Instrument from the boat in front of you,
  2. Head towards the building to your left, pick up the second Instrument from the scaffolding.
  3. Jump down, head towards the ruins, reach the top of the pillar to get the third Instrument.
  4. Run to the nearby brown bunker across the lake to pick up the fourth Instrument from inside.

Note: So basically, 1-2-4-5 if you’re using my map.

Then, let your character die (both tanks can do it easily), reload the last checkpoint (which is the start of the new game – that’s why it’s important not to have any other saves!)

You’ll notice that upon reloading the checkpoint, all previously acquired Instruments are still present but you can collect them once again – an oversight by the developer.

If you grind this method you can easily collect a huge amount of Instruments. By the way, this method works with all other collectibles as well, but in all honesty, collecting anything other than Instruments makes no sense. You can collect the runestones if you want to be able to enter the two ancient temples sooner, but it doesn’t really matter.

The important thing is that you shouldn’t trigger any checkpoints and that you should only use the Instruments once you’re done with the grind, because purchased weapon upgrades do reset.

As a final note, it’s also worth mentioning that with around 200 damage you can already one-shot the soldiers with the assault rifle, so from that point on, the only feasible upgrade would be increasing the damage of the sniper rifle in order to deal massive damage to the final boss later on.


  1. Southwestern house, first floor, on a shelf.
  2. On a stall between the southwestern and middle south house.
  3. Middle south house, first floor, on a table.
  4. Middle south house, in the small guardhouse.
  5. Southeastern house, first floor, on a shelf.
  6. Southeastern house, first floor bedroom (code: 259).
  7. House on the far western side, ground floor, on a shelf.
  8. Dockyard, in the building, first floor, in a tall cabinet.
  9. Dockyard, in the building, first floor office, on a nightstand.
  10. Building south of the laboratory, first floor, on a shelf.
  11. Temple under the lake, in front of the door.
  12. Military base, northeastern guard tower.
  13. Military base, building next to the garage, on a nightstand.
  14. Military base, main building, ground floor, on a nightstand between bunk beds.
  15. Military base, main building, roof, on the railing.
  16. In the small camp near the crashed plane, on a table.
  17. Middle north building, ground floor, on a shelf.
  18. Middle north building, ground floor, in a big cabinet.
  19. Middle north building, ground floor, on a shelf in a room with a safe.
  20. Laboratory, ground floor, in a glass cabinet.
  21. Northwestern island, in a chest.

Fuel Canisters

You will need all 17 Fuel Canisters:

11 to fill up the generator in the dockyard and 6 more to fill up your boat later on.

You can find the Fuel Canisters at the following locations:

  1. Middle south house, in a small shack
  2. Dockyard, on the first pallet you see after jumping in from the south.
  3. Dockyard, behind the pile of wood at the end of the pier under the arm of the crane.
  4. Dockyard, on a pallet between two trucks.
  5. Dockyard, on a pallet near the building’s south wall.
  6. Dockyard, near the building’s north wall, between the wall and the fence.
  7. Dockyard, in the building, ground floor office.
  8. Dockyard, in the building, in the generator rooms.
  9. Same.
  10. Dockyard, on the roof of the building.
  11. Dockyard, on the crane, in the large “cabin” where the bottles are.
  12. Dockyard, on top of the crane (top of the staircase).
  13. Behind the crashed plane.
  14. Military base, southwestern corner of the garage.
  15. On a pallet in the small camp near the crashed plane.
  16. Same.
  17. In the small sunken boat in the water, near the small camp near the crashed plane.


You will need all 5 Fuses:

The first 3 are in the same building where they are needed.

The other 2 are on Potapovitch’s Island (northeastern one); they are needed at the same location as well.

You can find the Fuses at the following locations:

  1. Southwestern house, first floor, on a shelf.
  2. Southwestern house, first floor, on a nightstand.
  3. Southwestern house, in the room where the power switch is.
  4. Northeastern island, in the house, on a shelf.
  5. Northeastern island, in a chest near the entrance of the house. The key for it is on the table near the secret trapdoor.
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