GUNDAM EVOLUTION – Guide for New Players Looking to Improve

This guide is created with the hope of helping new players have a better chance against enemy teams who know what they’re doing. With this you, and most importantly the rest of your team, will also know what you’re doing to make the matches a bit more fair and less one sided.

Beginners Guide

All credit goes to Reizie!

The Should and Shouldn’t


  • Don’t try to fight a bad match up for your gundam or make your gundam do things it’s not supposed to do. Such as trying to duel with an Exia, Barbatos or Zaku II using semi auto rifles at close range or trying to fight frontline with a low health flanker (unless it’s a bottleneck map and you’re forced to dodge the enemy team’s concentrated firepower).
  • Don’t try to fight with low health. You will die needlessly and the respawn time + boosting back time will always be longer than if you escape to try and find a heal spawn which means your team will have to fend for themselves and you shouldn’t put pressure on them to perform better in your stead.
  • Don’t stay in one spot for too long / become fixated with one angle. This will lead to the enemy team finding ways to flank you, also known as getting shot at without seeing them coming. Even if you have to defend, roaming between different lanes will prevent enemies from having the first hit initiative by not letting them sneak up on you. Exception to this is if you’re a sniper with teammates covering you or if the map is a bottleneck with only one lane of approach like Harbor Town second objective’s bridge connecting to the ship.
  • Don’t try the same thing if it doesn’t work (definition of insanity). This can either refer to things like using the same entrance into the objective over and over again despite knowing the enemy team has most of their guns pointed there or things like trying to out-snipe the enemy sniper despite losing to their aim speed multiple times by peeking the same angle that they’re staring at.
  • Don’t push the objective alone if there are 3 or more enemies in it. If there are 2 or less you can contend and buy time for your team to arrive depending on your gundam but if there’s 3 or more it will be very difficult to roam and harass because a good enemy team will wither you down despite using heal spawns, not to mention chasers and stunners.
  • Don’t shoot disabled enemies unless you can afford to or they’re being revived. If you just won a 1v1 with a flanker in a side lane chances are no one’s coming for ’em and if they do it’ll take too long for them to arrive unless there’s another one nearby in which case your roaming will let you deal with them. If you’re in a frontline team fight other enemies will always take precedence cause if you can disable multiple enemies you will get the momentum for a wipe or if you lose the team fight due to DPS difference the setback will cost you a lot more than confirming one kill.
  • Don’t bunch up together all in one spot. Being all together limits what the entire team can see as a whole, making you more prone to getting flanked and getting shot from angles that aren’t covered. It also lets the enemy team pepper you with more damage than what you can do back to them since you have to look around and turn while they don’t. AoEs will also make short work of the entire team with the RX-78 napalm or guntank bomb drone G-maneuver.


  • Focus on what your gundam is good at and do what others can’t. Each gundam is unique and they’re good at different things, if you focus on the things you can do you will help your team out with what they can’t do. Such as hook combo killing troublesome Barbatos as Murasai, chasing Exia as Zaku II, anti-air and anti-high mobility as guntank and busting Sazabi/GM shields with Barbatos’ charge attack or Sazabi’s axe throw etc.
  • Always fight at full capacity. Use your abilities as much as you can, they will help you keep up with enemies that also utilize everything at their disposal. Don’t sit on full G-maneuver for half the round, don’t forget to use the cable and the turret as Methuss etc. Spam your grenades, cannons, incendiary or whatever your gundam has that will give you an edge or more damage. Zaku II should never be running for too long, always be dashing around.
  • Counter the enemy team’s composition to avoid being countered. It sucks when there’s not much you can do cause your kit isn’t good at dealing with what the enemy is using so never hesitate to change your tools to fit the situation. Counter melee with high speed ranged (or another melee if you’re good enough), counter shields with shield busters, counter snipers with high speed flankers etc.
  • Always try to find a better angle for more damage. In some situations or some maps with lots of cover, just because your gun can shoot mid-range doesn’t mean you have to hang back and stay at that range all the time. When there’s an opportunity like a teammate is already in front and there’s a low health enemy, you can quickly boost in to shoot them as they try to escape and boost out if you can’t stay. Do whatever you have to do to make the most out of your gun, contribute as much damage as you can and if you look around you will often find low health enemies for you to finish off.
  • Roaming. Roaming is great with a bunch of different benefits. You get to flank the enemy which might get you the first hit initiative guaranteeing a DPS head start. You catch enemy flankers before they get their drop on you, making it a more fair 1v1. You can rotate in and out between the fighting and going to heal spawns, prolonging your life. You can poke and harass enemies from different angles to make their movement more limited and force them into a bad spot. You also establish a wider presence in the area for your team to do things more freely which allows them to perform, enabling your team and disabling the enemy.
  • Abuse the heal spawns as much as you possibly can. Getting heals near the fight can decide the flow of the whole battle, in a flanker 1v1 it almost guarantees you win every time cause it practically means you have 2 health bars while the enemy has only 1. In a prolonged team fight getting heals and starving the enemy team from their heals will help you gain a massive advantage during a DPS race slugfest. Flankers shouldn’t be afraid to boost into the enemy heal spawn and steal their heals when no one’s looking, frontline shouldn’t be afraid to back off for a few seconds to come back with full health. With that in mind if you’re not truly low on health please avoid accidentally stepping on a heal cause your teammate that’s low will need it more than you, stick to the wall when passing by a heal spawn and help your team stick around longer.
  • If you see your teammate push forward, support them. If they see an opening or if they see a low health enemy that they can chase, try to dive in with them. If you let them dive in and die you’ll be one person down for a long time, If your team manage to successfully rush down the enemy you’ll gain momentum and a one person lead but as long as you don’t lose more in the process. This helps prevent your teammate dying to over extending. In the best case your team push together and you gain more ground with a few kills, in the worst case your team dies together and respawn together.

General Advice

  • What your gundam can do is important but what you actually do with it is more important.

Asshimar can fly high and rotate across the map quickly, if you sneak around to capture spawn camps or plant a bomb that’s far away from where the majority of the enemy team is at, you can divert the enemy team and split them apart for easy pickings since they might move around at different speeds and also use different paths to get there.

Exia’s charged dash can be used to make you go up straight into the sky to help you cross over walls, rivers, cliffs or get a high angle on low health enemies if you hover and try to dagger them from above.

Sazabi can use the axe and launch itself up high to circumvent the need to find a way up onto the 2nd floor or cliffs.

  • Just because you have only one or two dashes doesn’t mean you’re slow in a fight. For example Sazabi is slow overall with low sustained boost speed but the dash goes pretty far, you can use it to quickly reposition, dodge a stun or a shield buster and even chase low health enemies trying to escape. Same goes for Guntank and Dom. These low amount dashes might not seem like much but when timed properly will help you deal with tricky enemies and get out of sticky situations.
  • Creating opportunities for the team and exploiting opportunities created by the team. If you’re constantly poking and harassing the enemy you will eventually see an opening for you to wreak havoc. Such as managing to win a flanking 1v1 to gain access to the enemy back line to disable their troublemakers or when you see a teammate push from their side and you push in from a different side catching the enemy from 2 directions. The most common example is a teammate making an enemy low and you chase to finish off as they try to escape.
  • Dashing in close combat with an enemy in a 1v1. Never dash straight backwards, the enemy won’t have to readjust their aim if you do and that’s a dash wasted. Dashing side to side can let you dodge enemy abilities but will often get you stuck on walls in tight corridors. If you’re doing a normal DPS race with guns only, dash past them and spin around and that will give you a split second head start as they turn and require their target. This will give you time to blast them or dash out and escape, never let the enemy aim at you normally and try to spin them around to prevent them from getting a clean shot (good enemies will try to do the same to you so you might end up dashing together and end up in a DPS race as you shoot each other normally when you’re both out of dashes). The person who moves on the other will always be faster because reaction will always be a delayed action.
  • Don’t give up on chasing enemy high speed types just because they’re fast. Letting them escape for free will enable them to keep poking and harassing you. Exia, Zaku II and Barbatos might seem fast but they’re only fast for a while, there will be moments where they have to recharge or have their abilities on cooldown. After they dive in and try to leave that’s when they’re most vulnerable, it’s the difference between catching them with full boost and no boost left. Chasing them with a dash or two of your own and diving in on them after they already dove in on something else will allow you to counter them in most cases (unless they’re really good at managing their resources).
  • Dealing with Barbatos as any ranged unit. Don’t expect to kill them before they can kill you, always focus on dodging their abilities first and kill them after they miss and all their stuff is on cooldown. For Barbatos’ charged attack if you can hear it around the corner boost away from the corner, if you see him dash to you dash past him to his left or right and he won’t be able to stop his momentum or turn completely to hit you behind him (if he’s fast enough he’ll use the slam instead but it won’t be direct hit). If a Barbatos is rushing you while he isn’t charged he will always go for the slam, just dash out and he won’t hit. The biggest part is to know they’re coming and not being caught off guard.
  • Be aware of your dash distance. Short dashes might not be far enough to help you dodge certain attacks or chase enemies with longer dashes. Zaku II’s triple dash goes a lot farther than Barbatos’ triple dash and slightly short of Exia’s 4 dashes with disadvantage of dash recharge speed. If you’re playing Barbatos one enemy back dash might be equal to 2 of yours so be careful not to let go of that charge attack too early and miss. Knowing this also avoids you dashing too far and falling into a pit in harbor town.
  • Don’t be afraid to counter push as the defending team. The more ground you have in between the enemy team and the objective the better. Don’t stay at the objective and let the enemy team arrive for free with no resistance along the way, they will be able to pick different angles to peek from and flank from different entrances. Feel free to push and peek as much as you can without dying in the process. The enemy team will converge at the objective and when they’re all together it’s much harder to fight against, if you pick one or two off along the way as they use different lanes to push things become much more manageable.
  • Use every tool possible to help you reach your destination faster. When your spawn is so far away from the objective and your team is holding out until you arrive, you need to get there ASAP. Utilize every movement option that you have. Such as Sazabi’s axe launch, Asshimar flying over walls, Barbatos high jumping, Guntank charging with E, Exia’s dash blade launching itself over obstacles etc. You should also maximize your boost gauge’s efficiency, letting it recharge as you use your abilities and using your boost as your abilities cooldown. Manually run as little as possible.

Lastly the biggest and most important piece of advice I can give is

  • Establishing and having a high level presence for the team. This means that you have a high level of control over the area, this let you have access to heal spawns and free reign to move around and do stuff. In an intense team fight you will be struggling to fight for presence against the enemy team as both teams clash and roam around the objective and all the different lanes and floors. Finding and picking off lone enemies in a 1v1, chasing high-speed or low health enemies and flanking troublesome frontliners all contribute to this. But the most important thing is that if you allow yourself to be killed, the amount of time needed to get back will cost the team so much presence that it can very quickly snowball into a losing battle with your team getting picked off one by one and so at least one person is always respawning so your team is never together. This leads to what I personally call the “one at a time never ending loop”. That’s why very it’s important for the team to find frontline heals and stick around as long as possible, if you can hold out long enough by roaming the obj or contending for the heal spawns you can buy enough time for your respawning teammate to come back, you shouldn’t let your team lose presence to the point of needing to back off of the obj and regroup so you can finally go in all together. But if it does happen due to a team wipe, don’t go in and die alone so you and your team get stuck in a never ending cycle of respawning and never being together.

The rest is up to your fighting ability. Do the best you can to contribute, hopefully it will be enough for the rest of the team to take that momentum and carry it forward. If you do lose momentum, don’t be afraid to slow your roll so you don’t feed the enemy more momentum. Good luck and god speed.

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  1. I would add: Stop peeking behind walls, game is about objectives. PUSH.

    And wait for the team to group up, don’t go alone.

    • Agree with you, counter capture the objective when the enemy team is lured away/engaged in a far away fight. Do YOUR part for the team.

  2. ofc that all depends on gundam. guntank/gm play well around others, while gun!zaku and asshimar can back cap more competently. and ofc if you are flanking you should be flanking on objective anyway.

    • Yes, that’s right. Don’t bunch up is basically you’re all standing next to each other in the same room on top of the obj while play around the team can extend to the next room or down the corridor leading to the obj.

  3. i figure this is obvious, but there’s a difference between “don’t bunch up” and “play around your team” right?. like obviously you want to avoid getting wiped by a core fighter and such, but you shouldn’t lone wolf it? it’s important to balance play between staying independent and grouping up, so if you do die/get disabled it’s not going tonessecarily bring down the whole team

  4. Glad to see these things are written down somewhere. Most of it is common sense for any kinds of competitive game, but that doesn’t mean literally everyone knows it. Newer players gotta start somewhere after all. Props to the author.

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