GUNDAM EVOLUTION – How to Handle and Defeat Barbatos

This guide is to help players understand how to handle and defeat barbatos in the video game Gundam Evolution.

Guide to Handle and Defeat Barbatos

Barbatos Isnt That Hard to Handle

Look too many people couldn’t figure out how to handle Barbatos in the early beta because 1. its a brand new game so…fair 2. Barbatos is fantastic at low level game play because he can blindly charge in.

Each and every character has their own way of dealing with Barbatos and it is wild to me that no one uses their abilities to take him out.

Barbatos is a Melee Unit

Barbatos is a melee unit. I had to say it twice so you understand.

Barbatos has no range, if he sees you he cant shoot you, if you see him you can shoot him.
When he sees you he must take cover to cover to reach you to hit you or move in a straight line at you. Most units can use their abilities to either knock back, slow, stun, or even evade Barbatos.

Every gundam even has a dash system to move away from Barbatos at similiar speed as Barbatos can move. This means extra shooting time with the gun you got in your hand.

You can hear him a mile away when his hammer is charged so if he is going for the 2 hit special that kills you instantly you should not have any excuses to know exactly where he is once that hammer is fully charged.

How to Handle Barbatos as Each Unit

I am gonna describe how you can defeat Barbatos with the Units below.

Pale Rider Vs Barbatos

This unit is basically soldier from Overwatch, he has a fantastic kit and a fantastic super.

He has an active skill called EMP grenade you can throw this down to slow Barbatos’s advance on your position giving you enough time to kill him.

Never forget you have two dashes that allow you to increase the time to shoot him while you fight.

Gundam Vs Barbatos

Gundam has a very fantastic kit and in my opinion is super fun to play.

Gundams Hyper hammer does a massive amount of damage and an impressive stun on enemies.
you can use this to stun Barbatos because he is most likely moving at you in a straight line to try and hit you.

This move does have a wind up but if you can hear him coming when his hammer is fully charged it should not be an issue.

Zaku II (Ranged) Vs Barbatos

As Zaku 2 you are as fast with a range weapons and a smoke grenade to temporarily make you invincible. You should not have any excuses when fighting Barbatos.

Barbatos Vs Barbatos

Honestly if this is happening I would like to watch. your strengths are also your weaknesses either way. Just unga bunga him until he is dead.

Sazabi Vs Barbatos

This is the most tankiest character in the game and he is taken out by Barbatos in the blink of an eye.
you should always be listening for Barbatos Hammer to avoid his super combo it makes a loud distinct warbling noise. move away and stun him with your Beam Tomahawk. Your DPS with your shotgun is also insane.

if you have to result in dashing away make sure its in a long straight line as you will only get one dash.

Methus Vs Barbatos

You are the best healer in the game and you must protect yourself from barbatos. If you hear Barbatos’s warbling hammer there is no shame in flying away. You can literally fly.

Never underestimate the amount of damage you can do. Despite being a healer you are very impressive at doing damage.

GM Sniper II Vs Barbatos

In all honesty GM Sniper II does not have a direct counter against Barbatos, but if your playing this class most likely you are really good at aiming and can just end him in one shot.

Asshimar Vs Barbatos

Asshimar is fantastic has an amazing kit and is good at medium range.

Asshimar can throw napalm and fly. in all honesty Barbatos should not be close enough to smack you. But if that ever happens you can just burn everything and leave. Barbatos can not fly he can not stop you.

DOM Trooper Vs Barbatos

This is my main and honestly one of the weaker units to fight Barbatos. But with a collection of mines, the hyper beam laser, and landing head shot rockets on an enemy that has to move at you in a single line. You should be able to take him down before he gets to you.

You only get one dash to get away so make sure its in a solid straight line to get the maximum distance with your dash.

Turn A Vs Barbatos

You are the direct counter to Barbatos. You have a heal and a grab that goes through his hammer and lets you toss him like a salad. if you hear him charging up nearby you jebait him, cross him, break his ankles, toss him like a salad, and dab on him because he cant do anything to your super armor.

Gun Cannon Vs Barbatos

Gun Cannon is a fantastic DPS that does not make itself apparant at first sight.

with a combination of focused gunfire, firing cannons and performing Gun Cannon’s dash attack you can easily take out Barbatos almost as fast as Barbatos can take out Sazabi.

never forget that Gun Cannon’s dash attack not only pushes back the enemy you hit it with. it can also be used as a third dash that charges on a different meter from your normal dashes because it is it’s own skill.

GM Vs Barbatos

In my Opinion GM is the strongest character in the game.

Your shield will not help you with Barbatos, however you do have a fantastic shield bash that ahs an impressive range in front of you that can be used to knock back Barbatos quite a distance and combined with your detonator bomb can be used to stave off and kill a barbatos quite easily!

Be warned you only have 1 dash and need a massive amount of distance to utilize it fully.

Gundam Exia Vs Barbatos

As Exia you have four dashes a stun and a knockback. using your collective skills you could smack, kill beguile, bewilder, and backhand Barbatos around the map. but this is Assuming he doesnt land his charged hammer against you.

You have three dashes the same as Barbatos so theoretically you should be able to match speed in any direction with him.

Marasai Vs Barbatos

Marasai can pull an enemy similiar to roadhog, which stuns it’s enemy and then push them back which also stuns it’s enemy

Assuming you can aim, you can shoot barbatos, pull, and then push barbatos back and shoot him without giving him a chance to retaliate.

Mahiroo Vs Barbatos (Theorycraft)

In all honesty Mahiroo should be a good Barbatos counter. with grenades that can be directed around corners via wall bouncing, a skill that lets you push yourself backwards from an enemy, and a scan that can detect enemies through walls at quite a distance. You should be able to take care of Barbatos quite well.

Zaku II (Melee) Vs Barbatos (Theorycraft)

Zaku 2 (Melee) Has looked every interesting to me and I think may even be a better Barbatos. You may see this character far more often then Barbatos.

Using your Skill survive you can essentially counter Barbatos’s combo and gain large amounts of Meter off of taking the hits. Which you could then use to active Zeon’s Rage to super armor through all of Barbatos’s attacks and perform more damage then he can output.

Unicorn Gundam Vs Barbatos (Theorycraft)

Unicorn’s Kit looks quite impressive and makes for a very solid DPS/Support Kit.

The moment you see Barbatos, its best to keep hitting him with your gun as you can and use your Shield Funnels to knock him back so you can keep shooting him.

Honestly not much can be said here other then shoot good.

Written by Hypocrite


  1. I would like to say as someone who plays barbatos, I do not walk up to people in straight lines. Good ideas tho :3

  2. idk about the shield bash one, half the time u shield bash and he just oneshots you at the same time lol

  3. Most of this works, but the big one most people should take to heart is using your dash correctly and don’t be afraid to use it early so you can dash again as soon as he gets close enough since he does have three. Also don’t forget it’s a team game and you should always retreat to them if your caught out by him.

  4. Unfortunately this guide falls short of mentioning a few crucial things. While barbatos is melee it’s charged slam extends forward by at least 1 and a half units, which is just enough to catch a dodge even if you dodge to the side unless there is already at least a unit of distance between. Another detail to mention is that Barbatos has three dash charges while most have two on top of a highly mobile leap. What both of these details mean is that dodging to make distance between you and barbatos is not as effective as you think for mid to close range units. The best thing to do is circle around them and pray you’re able to kill them fast enough before they dash off and get a heal pick up. Imho the main issue is that there is no reason not to be holding a right click at all times, if it slowed them down so Barbatos players had to time it properly it would be more manageable.

  5. As a GM main I will say that its def possible to kill Barbatos using shield bash, HOWEVER, its a huge gamble and it only works if the Barbatos has less than 2 braincells in their head. Even if you do hit the shield bash the most important part is following that bash up with a headshot or a pre-placed bomb otherwise you’re just delaying your death. If you really wanna bash a Barb then you should probably weaken it first. This applies to all the melee units except for Exia cuz by the time youre in bashing range Exia has already dashed thru you 3 times.

  6. i was just thinking zaku II might be the hardest counter barbie has. 3 different disengagement options, immense close range damage, can dance circle around them if they’re caught unaware

  7. Barbie vs Barbie is really just playing RPS by countering Mace Slam with Sword Plunge, countering Sword Plunge with Dash, and countering Dash with your own Dash

  8. I call it Bobby. Or Bobby Hammer if I’m particularly upset. I don’t know who this helps, but it helps me.

  9. GM sniper’s best counterplay to barb is by playing around your jump pad, whether its them or you getting hit if you can keep it between both of you its an easy win

  10. here’s a first-hand account of barb vs barb, followed by a collection of zaku II’s summarized

    barb vs barb is just whoever hits first wins,

    Zaku, just stay away from his front, shift is your friend, the smoke nade is gold with proper timing and for the love of god reload when you hear him but before you see him.

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