GUNDAM EVOLUTION – How to Play Asshimar

Tips to Play Asshimar

Scout, Flanker, pressure, newbie punisher. It’s probably designed to be an assassin type but without a reliable kill combo.

Fly around to spot enemies and find where their support line is. Fly to escape bad situations. Fake out people by jumping down a pit, then fly back up to surprise them when they forget you’re an Asshimar.

Napalm grenade works wonders in pressuring people to move or die, which you can either throw to try to pressure enemies to retreat from chokepoints or to do a damage dump on a flank.

Weaker players will struggle to react to your flank and you can really burn off more than half of a Sazabi’s health before he realizes that you’re shooting him in the back.

Flying in from a good angle to Q is a good way to push an opportunity for your team by knocking out bigger targets.

Only problem with it is that there’s no real 1 2 punch with attacks, which means if you’re up against a decent player, they can react against the flank by returning fire or running to the rest of the team. The primary shots are mediocre and the secondary fire requires practice. It’s my go-to and a fun suit, but your role is literally just to be enough of a thorn in the enemy team and hope the rest of your team can handle a 5v4 after you flank their supports.

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