H-Isekai Loves – Legal Easiest Way to Beat the Game

Hello, it’s the easiest way to beat the game. To complete all 25 stages, you will need around 2 hours.

How to Beat the Game Easy


Hello. To complete all 25 stages, you shall just follow this steps.


1st step is farming, it will take a while, but you need it to easily beating stages later.

All you need is killing monsters, then upgrage you HP max and Gems for autobattle.

When you’ll have almost these stats, you need to make 100.000 gold for next step.


Next step is almost finale of beating game.

You need to buy shuffling(10000 gold perk in shop) for all money you have(100.000 or more).

Then you enter stage(star on map) and use shuffle before make 1st turn, you’ll be getting combos and easily defeat opponents.

After each battle you shall buy shuffling for all money you’ll have, till you’ll be having 50 shuffles.

Then just beat all opponents till 25th stage.

Final Boss

The last step is final boss.

All you need is restore shuffling to max(it’s 99), and buy ~10 big heal potions if you’ll have bad luck on last boss.

Then just go and beat final boss.


Congratulations! You beat the game the easiest way, enjoy the content.

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