Hades 2 – NPC Encounter Guide

NPC Encounter Useful Info


  • Can be seen in Erebus or Oceanus.
  • Can have at least 8 cocoons and at most 14 cocoons.
  • IGT is not paused.
  • Available between Chambers 5 to 9.
  • Room reward is randomly present in one of the cocoons and the room is over once the reward is claimed even if enemies are alive.


  • Can be seen only in Erebus, Oceanus or Ephyra.
  • Can be seen only past chamber 5 and if the room reward is a minor find.
  • IGT is paused.
  • Can only be encountered once per night.
  • There will always be 4 waves of enemies.

Asphodel Teleport

  • Can only be triggered past Chamber 4 of Oceanus.
  • 6% Chance for you to find the encounter (33% for the first time you are eligible to get it).
  • Cannot be triggered if the current room is a midshop, endshop or boss room.
  • IGT is not paused.
  • Cannot be triggered if the current room is an Artemis or Nemesis encounter.

You can quickly clear the encounter by stepping out of the ring such that the counter goes to 0%, you will be teleported back to Oceanus after that (at the cost of losing the room reward).


One can encounter Nemesis multiple times in a run but you cannot encounter more than one of the same type of event. Cannot occur within 6 chambers of another encounter event.

Nemesis Combat Event

  • Can occur in Erebus, Oceanus or Fields of Mourning.
  • IGT is paused.
  • For Erebus and Oceanus, can only be triggered past Chamber 4.
  • For Fields of Mourning, can be triggered in any normal encounter room.

Nemesis Random Event (Nemesis Clears the Room for You)

  • Can occur only once, past Chamber 5 of any biome.
  • IGT is paused.

Nemesis Bridge Event

  • Can occur only in Fields of Mourning.
  • Can occur only after entering the “Bridge” room (Echo’s/Shop room) at least 6 times in a savefile.
  • IGT is paused.
  • Can only occur if the event has not occurred in the last 5 runs.

Note: For random encounters, the room reward cannot be Boons, Selene, Hermes, Trials, Hammers, Poms.

I sincerely hope this was helpful. Good luck to you!

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  1. I’ve seen Artemis in a room where a boon was offered, in Ephyra IIRC. I believe I got a Posiedon boon, but it may’ve been from a mystery sack in one of the side rooms.

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