Hades – How to Beat the Last Boss

Hades players that keep getting killed by REDACTED might find that they need a little help to conquer the game’s final boss fight.

Guide to Beat the Last Boss


Like the other bosses in Hades, the best way to approach this fight will depend largely on what kind of build the player has created on the way up, but his moveset remains the same regardless. This boss fight is split up into two main phases, and in each one Hades has three moves to watch out for, in addition to the ability to go invisible whenever Zagreus uses a cast on him.

In the first phase, Hades has only three attacks to watch out for. He can lunge towards Zagreus with his spear, do a wide spin attack similar to Theseus’ spear spin, and cast a skull towards Zagreus. For the lunge, players need simply dodge to the side, but timing can be difficult. The spin attack hits a very large area, so timing the dodge to pass through it rather than trying to get out of the way tends to work better. Finally, the skull cast homes slightly but can be avoided without much trouble. Afterwards it will sit on the ground for a while and then explode if Zagreus doesn’t break it. At 50% and 20% health, Hades will shield himself and summon allies. These can be ignored as they will disappear once phase two starts, but certain enemies may be problematic enough to warrant defeating.

After Hades’ health bar is completely reduced, he will stand again, refilling it and initiating phase two. In addition to the three attacks previously mentioned, Hades now has a double swipe with his spear that he chains into the spin. Occasionally, Hades will fire a Brimstone attack in which he shoots lasers towards Zagreus. At early stages of the fight, this can be dodged by getting behind him, but after half health they will fire off in all directions. To dodge this, hide behind a pillar or get right on top of Hades so as to not get hit by the beams. Finally, he will also summon vases that will grab at Zagreus when broken.

Defeating Hades takes grit and determination, but doing so also opens up a ton of new features in the game. Players will be able to start using the pact of punishment, open gates to Erebus, unveil more of Hades’ incredible story, and unlock powerful weapon aspects. The most important thing to do when preparing for this fight is try and have all uses of Death Defiance at the ready.

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