Haiku, the Robot – Chip Builds Guide

This guide is a description of certain builds for Chips that are especially powerful.

Guide to Chip Builds

All credit goes to cardvark61!

Killswitch Build

Infinity Edge, Agile Alloy, Sword Extension, and, optionally, Tungsten Steel and Protector’ s Capsule are the best chips for the Killswitch. While the Infinity Edge is unreliable against normal enemies, it is effective against bosses. This build is especially effective in the early game, and is accessible pretty early if you have enough spare parts.


Gyro Accelerator, Auto Modifier, and Sawblade go together well. Additionally, you can add Power Processor and Coolant Soluble if you like bomb hopping. This build is best for getting around quickly, but the string and hook or space disruptor with coolant upgrades become better choices for speed. Also, the buzzsaw is annoying loud.

Bombing Builds

Out of all of the bombing chips, Power Enhancer is one of the most important. Without it, bombing damage is very low. Power processor is harder to attain, but it is useful because it allows you to explode more often. More explosion=More damage. Shock Projectile and Shockwave are similar chips. Both allow your bombs to deal ranged damage. With these chips, it is very important that you use the Power Enhancer, which makes them deal more damage than the sword. An enhanced shockwave deals more damage than your sword and the shock projectile can take out almost all enemies in two shots when it is enhanced.

Indirect Offense

Bulb Relation, Electric Orbs, Electro-Emitter, Sawblade and optionally Self-Detonation are chips that allow you to damage enemies without direct action. This build is very weak compared to other builds, and is only listed here for completeness.

Notes on Synergy

As far as I can tell, only Power Enhancer and Shockwave/Shock Projectile affect each other. At the moment, I have not tested to see if Quick Repair decreases the amount of parts for Autorepair, but it does not decrease the time it takes to automatically repair.

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