Half-Life: MMod – General FAQ

This guide contains some useful information for player, content creators and mod makers and serves as a general FAQ kind of guide.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I disable pixelated textures?

  • Go into the root folder of the game (Right Click on the game in steam -> Browse Local Files), go into HL1MMod folder, open up autoexec.cfg in any text editing software and edit line gl_texturemode to “GL_LINEAR_MIPMAP_LINEAR” and gl_ansio from “0” to “16”.

Which chapters have been modified so far?

  • Unforeseen Consequences, Residue Processing, Questionable Ethics and Lambda Core. We’re going to update the rest of chapters gradually, so keep an eye out for updates!

I’m a content creator, do you have source files for art you’ve used that I can use for my video/article?

  • Go into the root folder of the game (Right Click on the game in steam -> Browse Local Files) and check out HL1MMod_ForContentCreators folder, it has bunch of .png files you can use.


  • If I figure out how to work with them, I’ll add them, no promises.

Blue Shift or Opposing Force support?

  • Unless Valve will expand their engine limits or makes it open source, there’s currently no way for me to add support for those games.
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