Halls of Torment – Cleric Tips

Tips for Playing Cleric Class

IMO the base blessings you want to get for the cleric before any run are movement spd, attack speed, regeneration & block (since it’s calculated before defense). Everything else after that just helps make your cleric runs easier… Again, this is all in my honest opinion.

Gear wise I always run my cleric with Jade Amulet, Wind Crown, Quickhand Gloves, Plate Armor, Runner Shoes & Iron Ring / Guiding Star Ring (roughly +10% move & atk spd for some characters)

  • Get to your 1st scroll so you can get your first 2ndary atk ASAP.
  • Lightning strike will help thin/cull the mobs as they get bigger so go for # increase& atk spd.
  • Holy Aura go for dmg, atk spd & if able any debuffs it may offer
  • Needles, situational but if they mobs are getting too close for comfort ya & feel ya need more damage then why not
  • I try to get his Regen up to 2hp a sec & his main attack damage up as much as possible and covering roughly a 45-60 degree area
  • By default the cleric attacks 2x per atk but if you get his atk spd up enough he’ll be doing 3x & it’ll almost seem as if he’s constantly non-stop attacking
  • With this set up unless i get careless/lazy I’ve no problems with any of the 3 stages.

Additional Tips

  • Main attack cannot crit, so rather dodge all crit talents.
  • Radiant aura goes nicly with it, as it starts with 0 crit bonus.
  • Unlike other chars you dont often try to hit as much stuff as possible, too big of a cone+range on your main attack and aiming where the enemies are plenty can result in not killing anything.
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