Halls of Torment – How to Reach Level 100

Easy to read guide to reach level 100 on any character.

Guide to Reach Level 100


Get powerful gear, blessings and abilities. There is no short road to level 100. It will involve grinding for hours. See picture below for a reference on picking damage traits at level up. Note that shield maiden shield bash is always on and interrupts the bonus of spellcaster gloves.


Items used and how to unlock them

  • Spellcaster gloves, buy one item from wellkeeper.
  • Hunter’s garb, as archer wait 3 min before moving, will require two revives blessing.
  • Guiding star, as archer walk 100k meters (about 20k per run with little investment in move speed).
  • Wind crown, as archer don’t get hit for 3 min.
  • Jade amulet, level up 500 times over all runs.
  • Wooden ring.
  • Runner shoes.


Blessings unlock conditions

  • Strength: as swordsman acquire trait strength IV.
  • Attack speed: as archer get trait quick hands IV.
  • Fire damage: as exterminator deal 200k burn damage in one run.
  • On hit chance: as cleric get trait metabolism V.
  • Duration: as warlock get trait channeling V.
  • Lightning damage: As sorceress deal 500k electrify damage in one run.
  • Block strength: As shield maiden get trait parry V.
  • Health recovery: Pick up 10 potions.
  • Revive: Kill one lord.

Winner Run Strategy

Read this section when preparations are ready

  • Select character, enter aqueducts stage.
  • Pick up the starting ability.
  • Go South to pick up second ability (27 min on the clock).
  • If dps is high get ability from the elite that spawns at 28 min.
  • Go North to pick up third ability.
  • Ideally the RNG will provide four useful abilities. Level them up 3 times to be able to upgrade them instead of RNG giving new abilities.

Pick up the long fingers at the spawn

  • Disable auto attack and auto aim (default key right mouse button and O).
  • Now stand still in the middle of the aqueduct moving as little as possible.

Level milestones

  • 20 min on the clock character level 46.
  • 10 min on the clock level 80.

This is just a rough guideline. Hitting level 100 is the goal.


Unlocking more quests gives XP bonus. My level 100 run was completed on sorceress in aqueduct at 78% bonus XP.

Additional unlocks summarized for convenience

  • Trait multihit (as swordsman hit 20 enemies in one swing with main attack).
  • Kugelblitz: as shield maiden deal 300k damage with shield bash.
  • Meteor strike: as sorceress deal 500k lightning damage.
  • Get 300 gold to unlock blessings.

Happy hunting!

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  1. FYI i’d recommend hunting gloves (extra strike/proj) on all classes that benefit from it. Means you can still use main attack, so ends up being more dmg, and also increases coverage

  2. >spellcaster gloves, buy one item from wellkeeper
    I did that but i didn’t get spellcaster gloves

      • You probably should check it. It gives attack speed only if you’re attacking with main weapon. So it’s either gloves or star, unless star is there purely for movement speed.

  3. Thank you for that guide, a lot of useful info.
    One thing I was wondering about is Guiding Star item. Is it there just to setup faster due to running buff and being dead item afterwards?

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