Halls of Torment – Useful Tips For Progressing

Here are some simple early game tips that can help new players who are lost.

Progressing Tips

Unlocking Characters

Characters can be unlocked by completing achievements.

What to Focus on

Focus on doing achievements, they tell you what you are supposed to strive towards, don’t worry if you feel like you aren’t making progress, that’s just how the game feels sometimes, try and doing a different achievement

Unlocking Items

Items can be collected by putting them in the well, which you unlock pretty early on. you then have to pay the old man to permanently unlock them. it is sometimes useful to throw any new item you are carrying into the well if you know you are about to die.


Blessings are special buffs you can permanently unlock, and they cost gold coins to upgrade. you unlock more blessings by completing certain achievements.

Amount Of Content

The game looks like it has little content at first, but don’t worry, when you complete achievements, a lot more content gets revealed.

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