Halo 2 – Scarab Lord Achievement Guide (HTMCC)

Easiest way to obtain the MCC achievement “Scarab Lord” in Halo 2.

How to Obtain Scarab Lord Achievement


The latest MCC update has added Acrophobia to Halo 2 (This has to be selected before starting the mission to follow this guide).

The mission can be done on any difficulty and other skulls can be selected as long as Acrophobia is on.


Play the mission as normal. This can be done very fast now that you have Acrophobia.

At the final part of the level instead of boarding the Scarab, fly up to the bridge closest to you (right side coming from previous checkpoint).


If you are on the correct bridge, you should see a small stand holding the scarab gun.

Pick it up and fire, you should unlock the achievement.

Easy gamer score, and you avoided the headache of the original way to get it.


  1. Wasnt really hard to get before the skull. I got the achievement first try by just watching a video on youtube. xD

  2. when the update was announced, my natural instincts was to cheese getting easy cheevos for MCC. thanks!

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